What to Pack for Baby Bags

Packing for baby when you are going on a day or maybe a weekend journey is packing for the convenience of you as much as the comfort of baby. Sometimes, without the one, you definitely don’t have the other. Heaven forbid you are strolling hand in hand down the boardwalk, miles away from every convenience known to man and you realize, as baby so abruptly and vociferously reminds you, that you forgot the teether, the gum soothing ointment, and the list goes on. You get the idea. This is all because you were trying to conserve on packing the baby diaper bags to accommodate the airplane luggage restrictions or take the little hybrid instead of the SUV.  

Next time, you will not make the mistake of skimping on baby bags because simplification brought chaos! Organize. That is what today’s baby diaper bags are all about. Maybe you thought all the ads with pictures of stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were because baby diaper bags designer had gone trendy crazy. Well, the reason that celebrities like these baby bags is because they realize that if there is still a pocket not filled, they have probably forgotten to pack something and with a full schedule ahead of them, an unhappy baby and no medicine cabinet or nursery for 3 days heaven does not make.

What Baby Bags to Pack

When packing for baby, pack the baby diaper bags that you know are going to be the most efficient for the job. If you are going for a weekend, account for twice the number of diapers that you think you are going to need. If you are flying, pack what fits in your carry on bag for baby, and then just know that when you arrive you are going to stop along the way and pick – up a batch of diapers just to have ready, whether you use them or not. If you are travelling by car, a package of diapers will fit in just about any cubby hole, so bring them with you.

Are you going to be strolling, leaving baby with the grandparent or hiking? Reese Li has brilliant baby bags called the Lexington that convert from over the shoulder to strapping on the back of a stroller; perfect if you are packing the stroller. If you are just dropping baby off, pack one of the weekender baby diaper bags by Cricket and Monkey or Kalencom’s 5 piece totes that are roomy enough for plenty of diapers, an extra baby blanket, wipes, soothers, teethers, bottles for hot and bottles for cold, tissues, diaper cream, powder, and of course formula. Storksak and OiOi have fabulous back packs that are life savers when trekking about on the movie set or the Rocky Mountains.

What to Pack for Baby

 You know that you are going to need bring a change of clothing times two times every day that you are gone times each event that you are planning on attending. Now, you don’t have to pack all of that in your baby diaper bags, but you do need to bring a roomy enough one that allows for a couple of changes. Most better quality baby bags already include a changing pad so that is already covered for you, but you are going to have to think what you have tucked away in the nursery other than what we have already covered: qtips, hand wipes for you, lots of zippered plastic bags for disposing of soiled diapers, wipes, and tissues, plenty of empty and clean bottles ready to be used, a pretty blanket for breast feeding, burp cloths, bibs, anti-bacterial wipes, jars of food, bottles of water for you and baby, juice, and toys to keep baby happy and entertained while you are travelling are all necessary items for even a day of travel with the least amount of stress.

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