Traditional Baby Scrapbooking

What is Traditional Baby Scrapbooking?

For some, baby scrapbooking means cutting paper and positioning physical photos; there is no other way. Something about cropping the photos with the lacy designed scissors, creating colorful and adorable frames, and adding embellishments satisfies a deep creative need. Hand crafted baby scrapbooks become keepsakes; precious preservers of a tiny lock of fine hair from the first haircut and a monument to baby’s footprint recorded at the hospital. Baby scrapbooks are also thoughtful baby gifts.

Most physical scrapbook stores offer classes and workshops (some offer specific events for baby scrapbooking) where they are happy to teach new skills, advise as consultants, and sell new tools and accessories. They even offer "marathon" events when clients settle down for 6-12 hours and potentially finish an entire baby scrapbook in one day. Serious baby scrapbooking sessions like these are a great way to get ideas, focus on the task at hand, and feel energized to complete your projects.

Setting Goals for Baby Scrapbooks  

The first step in completing your baby scrapbooking project is choosing the photos. It can also be the most challenging. However keep this one rule in mind; more is better when it comes to pictures of baby. To begin, allow a page or two in your baby scrapbook for each event or even each month. When you lay out the photos for the first time, be sure to arrange them without sticking anything down permanently; you may find there is plenty of room for more photos and you can always add more pages at the end of the baby scrapbook if you need to.

Set simple goals for your baby scrapbooking project such as completing three months at a time instead of the whole year at once. If your "baby" is already 4 or even 14 then focus on the most recent year and work the photos backwards through the baby scrapbook by the year. You may remember more about this past year than you will about the day baby was born, but don’t let that stop you. Your baby scrapbooking project is doing great and you will get each year completed.

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