Tips on Bed Wetting

"Mommy, mommy I just wetted by bed." Or worst yet your toddler was awake and intentionally wetted his kids bedding or his kids rug.

What not to do:
Scolding, telling your child that they are bad, being angry and saying that they are nasty will more than likely emotionally scar them and increase the frequency of the accidents. When they are developmentally ready to handle getting themselves up to the bathroom at night, they will. Boys typically take longer and are more frequent bed wetters.

What to do:
Be proactive and cover the mattress with a rubber protection sheet and put diapers on your toddler. That way, you will both get some sleep and not be emotionally raw. If your child is incontinent as a result of no longer sleeping in the same bed or room with you, you are dealing with an emotional issue, not a physiological one.

The Test:
If bedwetting persists after your child is 5, 6 for boys, you can offer a reward for staying dry all night, or use an alarm to wake your child during the night to get up and relieve himself, until he establishes the pattern to do so himself. You may also want to go to the doctor for advice. Emotionally your child may be asking for attention due to night time stress at being alone or even nightmares. 

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