Three Unique Maternity Gifts Ideas

Baby Showers are an age old tradition and everyone expects them. But what about Mothers Showers? New Mothers love receiving maternity gifts to rejoice in the precious blessing that she is holding and the power of her nature. There have been some insignificant little door prizes like  flip flops for the hot months when Mother’s ankles have swelled up so much that she doesn’t fit her shoes any more and personal fans the size of your palm to cool her heating core which has been running on red, but the maternity gifts that Mother really needs are things to help her be prepared for Delivery Day when she rushes off to hospital and is not in any mind to pack a thing.

Following are 3 unique maternity gifts ideas that Mother will appreciate with each day of her new life.

Be Prepared with Designer Diaper Bags

The new Mother is going to discover that there is no such thing as too many diaper bags and that the optimal date to begin using them is today. It is important to start early to pack everything she will need for her stay at the hospital. Baby may arrive at any moment so we recommend that she have everything organized. Moms need about 3 diaper bags to get to the hospital and back home again with baby. This is when maternity gifts come in very handy. After all, she requires a selection of diaper bags for all the various activities, work, play, social, anyway so start her collection with the most delightful designer diaper bags.

The first of the baby bag maternity gifts is just for baby, like Heidi Klum’s favorite Nest Whipstitch, designed as a changing station with plenty of pockets for baby’s first clothes to come home, bottles and insulators for the journey, plenty of room for diapers, bibs, burp cloths, and all the necessities so she can just pick the bag up and run to the hospital when baby lets her know its time.

Next, you need a Mothers bag like Storksak Elizabeth Rococo diaper bags that make gorgeous maternity gifts. Mother will love carrying this bag around with her when she and baby go on a walk-a-bout or to the office and long after her precious has need of diapers. Pack this bag with a toothbrush, fresh clothes, toiletries, lip balm, her favorite bottled water and snacks to prepare against the dryness of the hospital and their food, perfume, and anything Mothers needs to be comfortable. The third baby bag, like Storksak’s fabulous Angelina Jolie Gigi, is filled with baby recording equipment: cameras, camcorder, cell power adapter, laptop, power bar, and discs.

Give the Unexpectedly Precious

Mothers Jewelry is a rising trend in maternity gifts because of their uniqueness and the loving message they represent. These necklaces and bracelets are just for Mother. She is very much a Mother before Baby’s arrival and splendid bracelets, like the Goddess in 14k gold rich with aquamarines and gold vermeil charms, make her feel divine. Pearls and the sea have signified the great nurturing quality of mothers throughout history, and this lovely, delicate little sterling silver and mother of pearl heart necklace is the perfect gift for the new Mother.

Personalized Baby Jewelry

This is the third and perhaps most unique of the maternity gifts because no one will have a necklace or bracelet hand inscribed with her baby’s name and date of birth. Even though you do not know the name and birthdate, you can still gift her with some of the most exquisite jewelry she will every have in 14k gold and sterling silver with birth stone gems and crystals because you can pre-order these, then put a picture of the jewelry in a gorgeous envelope with a card that she can fill in with baby’s name and birth date to send to the artisan to hand engrave the jewelry. Personalized baby jewelry can also be considered as a type of baby gifts since you are celebrity the birth of a newborn. However, mom will be the one wearing the personalized necklace or bracelet and that is why it is a maternity gift.

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