The History of Diaper Bags

The history of the diaper bag is not one that you are likely to find in the class room, but it truly has an interesting story that has impacted moms, dads, designers, CEOs, stars, and yes, even the military. Progress from an emergency rucksack has recently been made as having a baby has become more and more popular to talk about and celebrate. With Moms in board rooms, diaper bags are not too far behind. In fact, next to personalized baby gifts and mothers jewelry, pretty yet functional diaper bags are high on the list for both Mom and Dad. In todays fast past society, the need to organize all baby's needs is dire.

How does the parent prepare for any and all possible adventures each day will bring? The evolution of the diaper bag has been greatly assisted by designers sympathetic to the cause. In the past, the chaos of the “just throw it in there” bag was often supplemented by any medium sized sacks, backpacks or a large purse. With the help of designers, diaper bags have evolved into efficiently intricate and well organized designer diaper bags with multiple compartments, washable interiors, and even plastic pads to lay baby on.

Mom used to clamber through the woods with baby strapped to her breast in a shawl, and a sack on her back. Now, in just one bag that can easily fit underneath your baby stroller or be worn fashionably on mom or dad's shoulder, you will find a clean and comfortable place for diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, baby formula, allergy medicine, and toys. The city jungle has even provided a cushioned pocket for your lap top. In lieu of a nice soft mossy spot to lay baby on, designer diaper bags now come equipped with their own easy to clean changing pad. For a much needed pit stop, just whip the pad out in a second to provide a soft and sanitary place without need for a bathroom or your car. Mom and Dad can easily wipe away germs with one of the baby wipes cunningly stored for easy access and voila, happy parents and a very happy baby.

Today, the progress of the diaper bag has culminated with major designers like Stella McCartney (for LeSportsac), Prada, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton. Fashion and functionality have been married in the dynamic and elegant designer diaper bags available on the market today. Designers have explored many textiles like denim, leather and nylon, streamlining the functionality to make the diaper part of the bag invisible to even the most questioning eye. Most maintain a classic color and pattern that no longer scream, "Diaper Alert!" Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Heidi Klum and Sarah Jessica Parker are carrying some of the most popular designer diaper bags like Storksak Diaper Bags, the Nest Whipstitch Leather Diaper Bags and Mia Bossi Diaper Bags.

The stars themselves have popularized having babies. When once being pregnant was considered a condition that required you to be sequestered from polite society, today, stars like Jennifer Garner play in front of audiences of millions, totally natural, and very pregnant. Kings and Queens, soldiers, and actors all have had to carry baby. With today’s readily available designer diaper bags, carrying a diaper bag is no longer a stigma, but a badge of merit.

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