Scrapbooking Ideas for Babies of the Digital Age

Your baby's milestones begin with the first announcement that a new member of the family will be here in just a few months. Capturing the excitement and love of the parents as baby grows and the miracle of birth is a joyous and fun activity. Baby scrapbooking is a time honored tradition that has even taken computers by storm with web sites and digital books devoted just to the special moments in time frozen forever by the camera. Traditionally parents use cute baby scrapbooks for this purpose or more recently designer baby photo albums or baby memory books. The newest trend is to do digital scrapbooking through a social network page or a product created online that is shipped.

Time and preference are the only real two criteria for deciding whether your baby scrapbooking activity should be the hands on, cut-and-paste style baby scrapbook or a digital baby memory book created online that is then shipped home. Following are a few pointers for the most popular options today, along with some advice about sticking to it, no matter what kind of baby scrapbook you choose to make. The preservation of these special moments is worth it.

When trying to decide whether a digital baby scrapbook will work best, take a few minutes to shop around before uploading any photos. There are excellent digital baby scrapbooking companies online; you just need to wade through the options and determine which will deliver the service to you such as print and binding quality, speed of delivery, and payment method, in the manner you would like. Less expensive baby scrapbooks could mean that the binding is glued rather than sewn. Baby scrapbooking provides for a lifetime of memories and glue just won’t do the job.

Baby scrapbooks are usually quick to make once you have chosen and uploaded the photos. Digital photo websites provide you with either a ready made baby scrapbooking template or an application that allows you to design baby scrapbooks "from scratch" with a few basic layout tools and accessories.  Room to write about the photos is a must so that everyone can read about the first birthday or the first time the great-grandparents and baby got to meet.

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