Personalized Jewelry - Tips on Selecting the Perfect Personalized Jewelry

Share Your Child's Name With the World

For many parents, the process of choosing a baby name can be downright excruciating. Between bible-sized baby name books, trying to please family members and annual lists of names that are far too popular, the selection process can get scary. On the other hand, some parents choose a favorite name or family name with ease and calmly announce it throughout the pregnancy.

Whether you chose your baby’s name with difficulty or not, you deserve the opportunity to share that special name with the world. Shop for personalized jewelry and have it customized with your child’s name. By wearing your child’s name close to your heart on a personalized mom necklace, you express the pride and love you feel for your child’s chosen name.

Look for necklaces or bracelets with ample space for engraving or hand-stamping letters. If you have more than one child, shop for charms so you can wear each name. Even if your baby is now growing up and going to school or becoming an adult, a personalized piece of jewelry can keep your child close to you all the time.

Make it Personal

Do you like to stand out? Are quality and craftsmanship important to you? If you’re looking for a unique way to express your personal style, it’s time to invest in one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry.

Here are some personalized jewelry ideas:

  • Baby jewelry is traditionally purchased during pregnancy or just after the birth of a new baby. Personalized baby jewelry makes a great gift for baby showers and christenings.
  • Name necklaces celebrate children or grandchildren. Personalized name necklaces are made to order, so don’t worry if your child’s name is unique or has a unique spelling. Look for engraved or hand-stamped pendants depending on your style.
  • Personalized charms can be worn as pendants or on bracelets. Don’t limit yourself to names when ordering a personalized jewelry. Try a child’s birthday, a memorable quote, or an inspirational phrase.
  • Tag pendants are a casual take on personalized jewelry. Shop for a silver name necklace on a ball chain for a great everyday look.

Tips for Ordering Personalized Jewelry

A one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry makes a touching gift or the perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Follow these tips for ordering personalized necklaces.

  • When having jewelry personalized, remember to factor in the time it takes for the artist to customize your piece. If you’re buying a gift, order it well in advance of the event or holiday you’re shopping for.
  • Check and double check the spelling of the names, phrases and dates you send your jewelry designer. The last thing you want is a beautifully hand-crafted typo.
  • Choose jewelry that matches the way you normally dress. If you’re casual, look for silver personalized jewelry. Gold name necklaces are appropriate for everyday wear if you generally wear gold and plan on wearing your necklace to work.
  • Make sure the name or phrase you choose matches the jewelry. Long phrases look best on circular pendants or long tags. For several names, look for multiple charms or small disks.

Personalizing a Classic Keepsake

As a child, did you ever rifle through your grandmother’s jewelry box? Vintage jewelry has a specific, graceful look. These days, it’s hard to find elegant filigree and intricate metalwork.

If you’re lucky enough to find a great piece of vintage jewelry, chances are it’s not personalized with your name or your children’s names. Luckily, thanks to the skills of talented jewelry designers, you can have vintage-style jewelry handmade to resemble the pieces you’ve always admired.

Personalized jewelry can be handed down through generations. For a vintage look, select a classic charm bracelet or a delicate locket. If you plan on passing the jewelry to your daughter, have the jewelry personalized with a monogram or her name and birthday. You can wear it until your daughter is an adult or has children of her own.

Shop for silver personalized jewelry with an antique oxidized finish for the most authentic-looking vintage style. Consider adding beads or birthstone charms for a touch of color.

A Charming Way to Celebrate Your Kids

You work hard day in and day out to provide for your family. Reward yourself with a beautiful charm necklace that reminds you of the pride you feel as a mother. Even if you’re hauling the kids to a doctor’s appointment or you’re heading to a parent-teacher conference, you can show off a little bit of glamour and style.

Charm necklaces can be personalized and customized to match your lifestyle and the number of kids you have. Many styles can also be added to in the future, just in case you have more children or want to add additional charms to celebrate milestones in your life.

When it comes to charm necklaces, less isn’t necessarily more. The bohemian look is big right now, so pair a plain tee shirt or tank top with a charm necklace that has a bit of pizzazz. Try combining necklace charms featuring your children’s names with a few birthstone beads.

Celebrate Your Bunch

Whether you have twins, triplets or a pile of siblings, chances are you sometimes struggle to give equal attention to each of your children. Luckily, the one time you don’t have to worry about it is with your jewelry.

When looking for a way to honor your kids, shop for personalized jewelry with multiple charms. Name necklaces and charm necklaces can be handcrafted to display each of your children’s names with equal emphasis.

If you have boys and girls, look for a gender-neutral charm. Hammered silver disks and tags look great whether they’re engraved with girls’ names, boys’ names or both. Look for necklace charms that wear well on a long chain or a ball chain. Then wear one for each of your children. As your family expands, you can return to your jewelry designer for additional charms. Remember, you’ll want to wear your jewelry for many years to come, so choose a style with a classic look that will last through fashion ups and downs.

Tips for Purchasing Baby Shower Jewelry

When shopping for a baby shower, look for a way to impress the expecting mom with a truly unique gift. Personalized baby jewelry and personalized necklaces are instant classics. Try these tips for finding the perfect personalized gift.

  • If you’re shopping for the expecting mother of multiples or a mom with older children, shop for a charm necklace to which she can add more charms.
  • Give yourself time. Keep in mind that handcrafted jewelry takes additional time to create. Plan on having the necklace delivered before a baby shower or the due date.
  • Keep her sense of style in mind. Stay casual with a silver name necklace for a mom who dresses in jeans and tee shirts. If she’s a professional, look for a gold name necklace.
  • Be aware of her lifestyle. If the expecting mom is active and involved in sports or physical activity at work, try a tag necklace on a ball chain. It will resist wear and tear.
  • Baby jewelry works best for special occasions. Consider presenting the gift just before the baby’s christening.

Charms for Love and Family

Necklaces that celebrate your children and your role as a mother don’t have to look like children’s jewelry. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with baby bootie charms or tiny crystal pacifiers. Instead, shop for jewelry you’ll enjoy wearing every day for decades to come.

Look for charm necklaces that incorporate classic, romantic designs in addition to the charms that display your children’s names or birthdays. An embellished heart or gemstones can add a touch of romance and class to a personalized name necklace.

Charm bracelets can celebrate your children while also letting you honor other milestones in your life, as well as hobbies that you enjoy. Begin with a handcrafted bracelet, add name charms, and then shop for charms that represent other aspects of your lifestyle.

Personalized jewelry can also be hand-stamped or engraved with words and sentiments that hold special meaning for you. In addition to name charms for your children, consider your anniversary date or husband’s name.

Keep Your Heart in a Personalized Locket

Lockets are a vintage throwback to a simpler time. Before brag books and cell phone pictures, lockets were often the only way to carry around the image of a precious loved one. Now, they remind us how precious childhood is.

A locket can double as a name necklace. Choose a locket with a smooth surface and have it hand-engraved with your child’s name. If you prefer a more subtle form of personalized jewelry, engrave the locket with a phrase that has special meaning to you. Celebrity moms have been spotted wearing French phrases engraved on silver and gold charm necklaces.

An alternative to an engraved locket is a locket charm that hangs alongside engraved disk charms. If you have more than one child, this is a great way to honor all of your children while keeping a special photograph next to your heart. Because lockets are a classic, they’ll always be fashionable. Take excellent care of your locket so that you can share it with future generations.

Shop for Personalized Baby Jewelry for New Moms

New moms are often showered with gifts during their pregnancy and upon the arrival of a new baby. Among necessities such as cribs and layette items, keepsake gifts can make a wonderful impression. When shopping for a special keepsake gift, keep personalized jewelry in mind. She'll love the thoughtful choice.

Personalized jewelry put a little sparkle in a new mom’s step. If she’s already chosen a name for her little one, have a necklace or bracelet customized with the baby’s name. After the birth of a new baby, have a necklace engraved with the baby’s due date. Look for a charm with tiny handprints and footprints to commemorate the newborn’s arrival.

Baby jewelry gives the new parents an opportunity to dress the new baby up for special occasions, such as a christening. Have a baby bracelet engraved with the new baby's name or a sentimental phrase. When giving a new mom baby jewelry, be sure to gift wrap it in a special box so that the jewelry can be kept as a keepsake.

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