Personalized Growth Charts

There was a day when many a door jam bore the penciled etchings of 2 feet 3 inches, 3 feet 6 inches and all the way up to 6 feet for the young man who just sprouted over summer. Standing in the mirror, back to back with your older brother, was one way to measure your progress as you labored to reach the kitchen counter and the goodies laying there. But the excitement and anticipation were somewhat dimmed by the absence of a real grasp of progress. Children have that in their hands now with personalized growth charts. There is nothing to compare with the evidence of the journey to adulthood given by a growth chart.

This journey began when the nurse measured your first born and you brought her home to the newly decorated nursery radiating all the love you put into its preparation. Beautiful colors to stimulate ocular perception and hanging ornaments that chime and move. Bright many pocketed diaper bags and baby gifts stuffed into the available chairs and corners of the room. Sitting with your baby wrapped in an adorable measuring blanket that she has already outgrown, you begin to realize that your child’s adventure has only begun and it is time to start chronicling it because before you know it, she will be asking for the keys to the car.

Baby designers delight in allowing their imaginations to run riot with diaper bags, kids rugs, and ingenious personalized growth charts for kids rooms. They hang on walls, wrap around your child in blanket form, or take shape as a clothes tree featuring a picture of your child's favorite sports hero or princess. In a myriad of shapes, colors, forms, and materials, you will easily be able to select the growth chart that will perfectly match the décor of the room and complement their interests. Children love personalized growth charts because they help them establish their own identity; a person with control over their lives.

Gone are the measurements penciled on door frames. Let your child mark his own progress on clothes trees with the ruler marked on the stand. Designed for the Princess or All Star Sport in your family, cleverly, your children can mark their growth by moving up a 6"x4" framed portrait. Or, you may choose easy to clean and sturdy 100% cotton canvas personalized growth charts that come brightly painted with the alphabet, dinosaurs, circus animals, exotic butterflies, or even personalized themes for boys and girls.

Personalized growth charts have become all the rage and are favored by parents with more than one child. Lining the walls of the nursery, each with their own name clearly stated, growth charts are an excellent way to familiarize your child with the spelling of his own name. As they get older and grow past one chart, they can choose the designs and whether they want cloth or hand painted wood, or one that is free standing. The wonderful educational and fun designs engage the entire family in the growing up process. The top brands are Oopsy Daisy Art for kids, Kootie Bug Designs, and Trend Lab Baby.

Personalized Growth Charts

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