Oi Oi Diaper Bags Review

Whether you are looking for diaper bags in the US, nappy bags in Australia, or change bags in the UK, Australia’s Oi Oi Diaper Bags, leading manufacturer of stylish designer “nappy” bags, has inspired fashion and functionality in moms since their first of many messenger brand name baby bags in 1997. What is Lisa Bennets’ secret behind Oi Oi diaper bags? Being a mom.

Lisa’s experience with fashion accessories, international marketing inside Swarovski Jewellery’s exclusive family, and the birth of her daughter gave Lisa the impetus to provide functional style in brand name baby bags. Retail outlets around the world have given rise to Oi Oi Baby Bags’ success and the launch of her lines in the United States in 2003 crowned the popularity of OiOi Bags.

In this review, we are going to discuss 3 of the over 40 Oi Oi Diaper Bags styles available today. The goal of this maker of brand name baby bags is to:

  1. Give every reason for mothers to look amazing and increase their confidence.
  2. Eliminate the need to sacrifice fashion for function in diaper bags.
  3. Create dynamic and sophisticated designs for mothers.

It is up to you, the reader, to determine whether Oi Oi Diaper Bags is successful and we invite you to be the judge of this ingenious maker of brand name baby bags.

#1 - The Giraffe print nylon canvas tote is the large collect-all design from OiOi Diaper Bags with elasticized pockets. It comes in cocoa or the newly released black with a rich burnt sienna lining.


  1. Attractive, as seen worn by celebrities including Cate Blanchette who calls it a “God Send.”
  2. Spacious interior with elasticized pockets. Many Moms find themselves running out the door with only sufficient time to throw the standard baby fare in one of her OiOi Baby Bags. She frequently does not have time to match product with pocket.
  3. Easy access exterior pockets. These are great because they eliminate the scary search for drinks, cell phones, keys… in the bottom of brand name baby bags.
  4. Sturdy, comfortable handles. The natural cotton is a welcome relief to the uncomfortable nylon webbing type.
  5. Changing Pad. Large, easy to clean and made from padded microfiber, this is a big plus.
  6. Insulated bottle holders.  These are a welcome OiOi Nappy Bags staple, along with the zip top wet purse, for the containment of soiled items, and the wipes case.
  7. The innovative stroller straps are brilliant. This feature provides huge relief for mom’s shoulders and back and should be used in more brand name baby bags.


  1. This particular style of OiOi Bags does not work as a baby bag/briefcase to bring to the board room because of insufficient space for a lap top.
  2. The single throw it all in interior pocket would frustrate a mom in need of organization.

#2 - The Cocoa Giraffe print messenger from OiOi Diaper Bags is one of the most popular brand name baby bags in the US.  All the pros listed above apply to the messenger bag style with the addition of a few more:


  1. Magnetic snap closure with easy access to the contents.
  2. Additional outer pockets to handle wallet, keys, cell phone.
  3. Lined inside with insulated pockets to keep snacks and bottles warm.


  1. These brand name baby bags still can’t really handle business and laptops.
  2. What happened to OiOi Bags straps adapting to the stroller?

#3 - This brand name baby bags review loves the sophistication of the Black-Off-White carry all of OiOi Diaper Bags. Roomy enough for the weekend, it is still elegantly compact for daily needs.


  1. All of the standard Oi Oi Bags features.
  2. Finally the OiOi solution for the celebrity/corporate/active Mom who needs to run from the nursery to the board room to the media function with your lap top in tow and your elegance intact with on of the brand name baby bags slung over your shoulder..  
  3. Two additional ample pockets on the exterior to carry what you need as well as baby.

None. Seriously. We could not think of one drawback of this delectable OiOi Diaper Bag.

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