Nursery Decor - Tips on Selecting the Perfect Nursery Wall Decor

Soft Sheets for New Baby

Your baby has spent nine months relaxing and growing in your womb. The last thing you want is for your precious newborn to rest her pristine skin against itchy or coarse bedding. When shopping for baby gear, pay attention to the quality of the materials.

Chances are, your newborn will spend a great deal of time in the crib. Make sure your baby bedding is ultra soft. Remember, crib sheets should fit tight across the crib mattress. Your crib blankets should be kept outside of the crib while baby is sleeping.

Jersey cotton is buttery to the touch, stays cool in the summer and stays warm in the winter. The material makes excellent crib sheets for newborns. Flannel should also be 100% cotton for the most luxurious quality. Always buy a few extra sets of sheets. You never know when baby will have an accident or leak in the crib. Good quality fabric will last throughout your child’s years in the crib.

New This Season: Bold Bedding Designs

Just because crib bedding is for your baby doesn’t mean it has to be pastel or white. Use the crib as a chance to coordinate the baby decor you’ve chosen for your little one’s room. Once you’ve chosen the overall look and feel of the room, shop for baby bedding that matches.

Is your baby’s room is decorated with baby wall decor in an animal print, choose a bedding set that matches. As your baby grows, he’ll delight in the bold animal shapes and playful print. If the room features nursery murals, find a bedding set to match the colors or the motif. Bold blues, greens and chocolate browns are popular this season.

Go for playful fun with an “Old West” theme or a silly retro cowboy print. Sock monkeys are especially popular right now, and are perfect or baby boys or girls. Be sure to buy an extra crib sheet to avoid late night laundry.

Nursery Decor: An Expression of Parenthood

The way you decorate your baby’s nursery is up to you. Don’t worry about following certain trends or conforming to what you think an ideal nursery should look like.

Nursery decorations can be an expression of your favorite styles. If you were a tomboy growing up, don’t feel limited to pink. Girl bedding can feature letters or even airplanes. Then again, if you were a ballerina, you have the option to go pink to the max, with pink crib sheets, bumpers and wall letters.

If you or your husband loves sports, decorate with sports items or buy brightly colored crib sheets to match your college teams or favorite pro teams. Are you big on aviation? Decorate with an airplane theme or buy a bedding set with stars and clouds and then hang an airplane or rocket ship mobile.

Don’t be afraid to go understated. If themes don’t resonate with you, try subtle patterns like stripes or polka dots in your favorite colors. Eventually, your child will grow to have his or her own favorite items with which to decorate.

Playful Crib Sets

Everyone loves shopping for baby girls. What could be cuter than tiny Mary Janes and pink bows? Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged when shopping for baby boys. Whether for boys and girls, baby crib bedding can be playful and cute. If you’re not sure what to buy for a new baby boy or the baby arriving in your life, check out the variety of prints and themes available as nursery decorations.

Baby decor generally features classic themes like letters, animals, and stripes. When shopping for a crib sets, stick with the basics or think outside the box. For a classic look, try zoo animals or a Noah’s ark theme. For boys, sports themes and cowboys are also popular. For a more modern look, shop for sets that pair several bold colors and prints; these can work for either a boy or girl if you don't yet know the sex. Contrasting stripes and polka dots will remain current from season to season. Try unexpected colors like deep reds or vibrant oranges. For new parents, pair a bedding set with wall letters to display the new baby’s name.

Simple Nursery Decor Ideas

Create a welcoming environment with personalized nursery decor. With just a few key items and a few nursery decor ideas, you can create a picture-perfect bedroom for your child.

Try these great decoration ideas:

Wall Letters

Spell out a baby's name or a full message with hanging letters for baby's room made of wood and hand painted for a special touch. For a room shared by siblings, or if you haven’t settled on baby’s name, try spelling out a sweet sentiment.

Nursery Murals

Don’t spend too much money on a mural you’ll have to paint over. Try new canvas wall murals that liven up an entire room with the added benefit of being easy to install and just as easy to remove.

Kid’s Rugs

Purchase a throw rug to liven up the floor in the baby’s room. Choose a rug with subtle colors to match your scheme, or go with a bold and eye-catching rug that can serve as a play mat for older babies.

Liven the Room With Nursery Wall Decor

Are you decorating in preparation for a new bundle of joy? Don’t let blank walls stump you. Nursery wall decor adds personality and color to a room. It’s as simple as shopping for great wooden wall letters, nursery murals or art for kids.

Wall letters can be used to spell baby’s name, display baby’s initials, or spell out a word that holds special meaning. Wall letters can also be used to spell the baby’s astrological sign. Look for a set of solid colors that match your baby bedding, or alternate colors for a more whimsical look. Wall letters are available in both lowercase and uppercase in a variety of font styles.

Canvas mural banners have become a popular alternative to traditional painted nursery murals. Similar to extra large paintings, they can be fastened to walls to add a great deal of color and whimsical illustration to the child’s bedroom.

Don’t overcrowd a wall. Make sure you choose one or two main focal pieces if you’re decorating with statement art.

Fine Wall Decor for Nurseries

Many parents shop for art to jazz up their nursery decor. What kind of art is appropriate for babies? The answer is whatever you prefer. Babies respond to bright colors and contrasts, making simple shapes great for early development. But intricate, imaginative art pieces are also wonderful for babies as they mature into toddlers and preschoolers. Ultimately, the nursery wall art should please you.

Shop for nursery wall hangings that stimulate your imagination. Your child will learn art appreciation as he or she develops. Framed art, canvas murals, growth charts and name plaques can all add a sense of style and art to your nursery.

Decide on a general theme or color scheme and slowly build your collection from that foundation. It may help to start with pastels or bright colors. After that, think about themes such as animals or princesses. Shop for matching baby bedding and your nursery will quickly come together.

Nursery Decor: Tie It all Together

When it comes to baby nursery decorations, your options are as varied as you can imagine. Whether you love whimsical storybook characters, sports, or clean modern designs, you’re bound to find the perfect baby bedding and nursery wall decorations.

Start out easy. Think about the textures and patterns you love. You can go with intricate prints or subtle prints like small stripes or polka dots. Think about the kinds of characters or themes you like. Do you call the baby your little monkey or teddy bear? Animal motifs may be perfect for you. Is the newborn your little princess? Maybe you’ll chose a pale ballerina pink.

Look for a statement piece to tie your theme together. This can be in the form of a kid’s rug or a bold canvas nursery mural. Use lighting creatively to highlight the focal point of your nursery decor. Window treatments and paint color can also help to glue the overall decor.

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