Nursery Decor Essentials

There are countless nursery decor themes and tens of thousands of products to choose from to decorate a child's room. However, there are certain nursery decor items that are essential for the look and feel of any nursery to make sure it all flows together.

Kids Wall Art - Personalized canvas wall art for kids are a must to decorate your baby's room. Canvas wall art and canvas murals are made in the shape and form of paintings. They consist of paintings of whimsical scenes such as the Circus Parade or World Map in a storybook style. For the truly unique touch, get personalized kids wall art which is customized with your child's name. There are also hanging wall letters made of authentic high grade wood painted over with a ribbon attached to hang. Spell out your child's name with these wooden hanging letters. Another style is to have name plaques and tiles.

Personalized Children's Growth Charts - Fun, whimsical and full of imagination, personalized children's growth charts are fine pieces of artwork that are truly beautiful décor for any child's room. Personalized with your child's name

Nursery Wall Clocks - Whimiscal nursery wall clocks are much better than a standard clock that ruins the flow of the nursery decor. Specialized nursery wall clocks have fun designs embedded in the face of the clock such as animals, race cars, knights, rockets and more. Be sure to pick the clock that matches your nursery theme. Nursery clocks tends to be less heavy and not made of heavy metals as compared with regular wall clocks.

Childrens Rugs - Childrens rugs are the perfect centerpiece to the floor of the nursery. Childrens rugs come in thousands of designs and shapes and serve as an anchor to your nursery decor theme. It is best to get a designer kids rug that is made with a higher stitch count with quality material to avoid loosening of the rug. Pick your material depending on your need and feel. Wool is warm and inviting but can also stain easier. Nylon is stain resistant but less inviting than wool. Rectangles and circles are the two most popular shapes.

Lamps and Lighting - Nursery lamps and nursery lighting are critical to determining the mood of the baby room. Get a night stand lamp to set on top of the cabinet or small table. Stand alone lamps are great for dark corners that can not fit a stand or a cabinet. For the most elegant touch, add a chandelier to the ceiling. A nursery chandelier serves as a center piece that illuminates the whole room. The colors of the chandelier will be extra emphasized given its proximity to multiple lights.

Crib bedding - Crib bedding and crib liners reinforces the nursery decor and doubles as the place of comfort for your baby as the crib is where she will be spending most of her time in the room. It is in essence where the "rubber meets the road". Comfortable crib bedding is a must. Avoid plastic liners as they can get hot during the summer. Designer crib bedding with matching patterns are essential to the flow of your nursery theme.

Shelves and Stands - Nursery storage shelves and bookcases are not only pratical but also an essential component for a well-themed nursery. Nursery shelves are typically in an off-white color or pastel color. For the trendy parents, nursery shelves shaped as fire houses or doll houses are all the rage. More traditional nursery shelf styles are ones painted with images such as teapots or race cars. The simple yet beautiful style is simple wood. There are many storage stands that are designed with themes in mind such as circus three tier storage stand. A cool innovation is bringing the library home to your nursery with a personal bookstand complete with side panel designs such as Noah's Ark or a Safari scene.

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