New Mom's Jewelry - Guide to Personalized Mother's Necklaces

The bond between a mother and her newborn is unmistakable. The softly tufted little head nestling against her breast seems still a part of the new mom, inseparable. What can you give a new mom that has any significance whatsoever, other than of course, fully loaded diaper bags, compared to this oldest of miracles? The name of her child engraved in personalized mothers necklaces with the birth date on the reverse is by far and away the most precious baby gift you can make. With her baby’s name inscribed forever in gold or silver mother’s necklaces resting next to her hear will remain with her always, even after the children have grown up and moved on to their own futures.

Personalized mothers necklaces, uniquely symbolizing the invisible thread that ties the family together, are popular mother’s day gifts as well as for new moms. In addition, many moms will wear a complimentary mothers bracelets and mothers rings to match their necklaces to form a full set of mothers jewelry. Whether birthday shopping or choosing just the right note for the Holiday season, baby gifts will always please. Valentine's Day is the current rising trend as more and more husbands buy a personalized mothers necklace for their wife.

How To Personalize Mother’s Necklaces

In determining which style of mothers necklace to buy, first decide whether you want handcrafted or machine stamped. Machine stamping names and birth dates on pendants has greater consistency and better defined edges. However, if you are going for the breathless response, nothing is better than handcrafted personalized mother’s necklaces. An artist will hand etch or stamp your child's name and birth dates into the disk. It is one of a kind and the cost is comparable to machine stamped. Handcrafted stamps give you the satisfaction of a personal touch for your baby gifts and mother’s necklaces.

The next question is whether she would prefer regular font or block font? Block fonts for personalized mothers necklaces come in standard sizes for each character with all the characters upper case. Block fonts are best for monogrammed personalization of mother’s necklaces with two or three initials. Regular fonts typically come with the first letter in upper case. They also have they advantage of being easier to read and give the option for a stylish cursive effect.

Shapes of Mother’s Necklaces

Now, the shape of the pendants and name charms of the personalized mother’s necklaces needs to be considered. There are hundreds of shapes to choose from such as stars, symbols, and many polygon shapes. The most popular for a mother’s necklace is a circular disk made of silver or gold. Circular creates a look that is well balanced, whole, and avoids sharp edges. Therefore, it is also very comfortable and light to the touch. The top selling circular disk for personalized mother’s necklaces and baby gifts is etched to give multiple angles of reflection drawing extra attention to you at parties and baby showers.

Size of Mother’s Necklaces

Knowing that you wish to proclaim to the entire world that you are a new mom, size of mother jewelry can matter.  Most mothers’ necklaces will come in 14 to 20 inch lengths. 14 inches and 16 inches are the most popular lengths. Personalized mother’s necklaces shorter than 14 inches can crowd the neckline. They can also look awkward if dangling close to the neckline but too long to be a choker. A mother’s necklace that is over 16 inches tends to hang too low which prevents the pendant from being seen with most blouses or dresses.

Gold or Silver, Pearls or Diamonds for Mother Jewelry

The new mom is going to love anything you give her. Pearls, gemstones, and diamonds all have a definite statement of love and care, and speak volumes for you when there are no words to express the depths of your feelings. However, the preciousness of mother jewelry is the celebration of her baby’s name. You can add precious jewels to the chain, or as a personalized touch to the pendant, but the simplicity of gold and silver lends itself to the wearing of mother’s necklaces whether dressed in jeans or for a dinner party. Sterling silver and gold are strong and yet soft enough to engrave for personalized mother’s necklaces.

Sterling silver or 925 silver, tarnishes less and provides an endearingly fresh look lending elegance to any outfit the new mom wears. Gold is always beautiful. Timeless, personalized mother’s necklaces in gold will never tarnish. Strong enough for both the chain and the pendant, gold mother’s necklaces radiate the love for your new baby. Gold is also soft and feather-weight making the delicate personalized mothers necklaces feel even lighter. For the most striking mother jewelry, choose mother’s necklaces which come with gold on one side and silver on the other. These are the latest fashion because you can buy two chains, one silver and one gold, and your lovely wife will always look coordinated and in the height of fashion no matter the event or the outfit. They are great mothers day jewelry gift ideas as well.

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