Mothers Necklaces - Tips on Buying and Caring for Mothers Necklaces

Mother Necklaces for Big Families

If you have three or more children, you may have a difficult time finding a mother necklace that’s right for you. Follow a cue from Heidi Klum and look for a necklace with several round charms that can be personalized with all of your children's names and birth dates..

Thanks to stylish, wide spacing, these kinds of charm necklaces display each child without bunching up too many charms together and making the names illegible. Look for sleek gold disks for a dressy occasion or hammered silver disks for a more casual, funky look.

If you plan on expanding your family in the future, a multi-charm necklace is perfect. Just add additional charms in the future. Some styles allow beads to be added as well. Mother's birthstone necklaces are colorful and chic. Look into colored beads to match your children’s birthstones or genders.

Multi-charm mother necklaces were recently featured in People Magazine and US Weekly. When shopping, look for designs that are handcrafted just for you. The one-of-a-kind piece will be sure to turn heads.

Mother Pendants: Pick the Right Font

A mother's necklace should ultimately make you happy when you wear it. Shop for a necklace that you love, ideally something that matches many of your everyday outfits so you can keep your children’s names close to you all the time.

Mother pendants are stylish and elegant, matching everything from a white tee to a black cocktail dress. Pendants can also be personalized exactly to your specifications.

When having a pendant engraved, it’s all about the font you choose. If you’re whimsical and casual, look for a curly font that expresses those aspects of your personality. For a chic and modern touch, go with names in all lowercase. A flowing script has elegant appeal and may be better suited for a girl’s name.

Consult with the jewelry designer on placement or look at example photographs for ideas. If you’re at a loss, go with slightly offset typewriter-style stamped letters. Thanks to the understated design, your mother pendant will remain a classic.

Celebrity Moms Love Mommy Tag Necklaces

What do Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Courtney Cox Arquette and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common besides beautiful children? They’ve all been photographed wearing mommy tag necklaces. Mother’s necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. Mommy tag necklaces have a casual look that pairs well with fitted tee shirts and scooped tanks. Silver ball-chain necklaces are more suited for daytime wear than formal attire.

The style mimics a traditional dog tag, but the polished silver finish and delicate size give the pendant a more elegant, glamorous look. European moms are a fan of the simple engraving.

Personalize this silver mother necklace with your child’s name and birth date in simple letters and numbers. The end result is understated and stylish. If you have more than one child, additional child tags can be added to the main pendant, making this necklace a great choice if you have multiple children or plan on expanding your family.

Give Her a Mothers Necklace

The birth of a child is a reason to celebrate life, love and family; three elements wonderfully symbolized in handcrafted name jewelry like mothers necklaces and mothers bracelets. These are special gifts for special women—new moms—be they sisters, daughters, friends, or even yourself.

Mothers necklaces are very popular, especially jewelry by artists Ann, Holly and Isabelle. Each creative designer crafts handmade pendants and charms that you can have hand engraved and customized with the child's initials, name, symbols and birthdates.

These mothers necklace designs come in several styles, each embodying a casual elegance and modern class. Many pieces can be accented with birthstones and other semiprecious stones, adding a touch of sparkle, not unlike the twinkle in a newborn’s eye.

Mothers necklaces and other jewelry are celebrations of life and love, and because each is handcrafted, no two are alike. They make wonderful keepsakes for passing down to daughters and friends when they first experience motherhood.

Think Outside the Box With a Square Mother Pendant

Mother necklaces are being featured everywhere from gossip magazines to celebrity baby blogs. Most mommy necklaces feature engraved disks and tags. If you’re looking to adopt this trend but love to go against the grain, shop for a square mother pendant. Engraved silver squares are elegant and unique.

Squares give you a lot more real estate to work with than a simple disk. Use the extra space to your advantage. A hand-engraved square pendant allows you to add up to four words. If you have four children, personalize the pendant with their names. If you have one child, engrave just one name or add inspirational words. For ideas, flip through a fashion magazine. Perfume advertisements often have beautiful designs that focus on a few inspirational phrases.

Remember, when you have a piece of fine jewelry hand-engraved, expect variations from what you might have seen in pictures. The variations are what make your personal handcrafted pendant unique.

Special Mother Necklaces

Your baby’s infancy can go by very quickly. Take time to capture special memories. If you don’t have time to keep a baby book, jot milestones down on a calendar. Don’t forget to schedule a time to have a professional photograph your newborn.

Years from now, looking back at the photos or baby book will undoubtedly fill your heart with precious memories. But to fill your heart with the magic of the moment as you experience new mommy joy, consider handcrafted jewelry. Personalized mothers necklaces like the Baby Feet Silver Charm Necklace from Jewelry by Ann are unique keepsakes that serve as a blissful reminder of your personal bundle of joy. Each Baby Feet Silver Charm Necklace features two sterling silver charms, one displaying tiny baby feet, the other hand-engraved with the child’s name. A tiny birthstone crystal accent adds a further touch of grace. Because of the hand engraving, no two charms are alike and each is as special as the child they represent.

Be sure to browse through Bliss Living’s collection of jewelry by artists and designers, each with a distinct style highlighted by a timeless elegance.

Try Classic Elegance with a Mother Pendant

Nothing beats the classic elegance of a traditional necklace. With a mother pendant, you can celebrate your children while also celebrating your style. Mothers pendants often feature child names, birthdates, and initials crafted in a scripted font, hand engraved to ensure uniqueness.

The Vintage Heart Locket from Jewelry by Holly is a distinctive piece that combines a handmade heart pendant that opens to reveal room for two of your favorite child photos. In addition, the locket can be customized on both sides with the child’s name, birth date, or phrase. Every element of the locket serves as a reminder to mom of her special little one.

The Vintage Heart Locket is just one of the many pieces of personalized jewelry found on, each for their own occasion. If you normally wear another piece of mommy jewelry, save your engraved necklace for special occasions. Pair it with a black dress and cardigan for a timeless look. They are also perfect for work; they're not too glitzy but give you a professional, polished appearance.

Three Great Mother's Necklace Styles

Whether you’ve recently had a baby, you’re expecting, or your kids are on their way to college, you can celebrate motherhood with a mother’s necklace. Here are three great styles to choose from. Find the best style for you and indulge in a beautiful piece of unique jewelry.

  • Disk pendants come in several styles and finishes. For a dressy look, go with a gold mother necklace or polished silver. If you’re into a more casual, vintage style, try hammered copper or silver. Have your pendant personalized with your children’s names.
  • Mommy tag necklaces display your child’s name. You can also have them personalized with your child’s birthday or birthstone. Tag necklaces are usually silver. Pair a tag necklace with a strappy tank and boyfriend jeans for a casual, cool look.
  • Mom necklaces with charms don’t have to be personalized, but you should find something that represents your style and your child. If you’ve recently had a baby, try tiny baby booties with crystals or a necklace with a simple inspirational phrase.

Fashion and Jewelry for Expecting Moms

Pregnancy and fashion don’t always go hand in hand. But these days, maternity clothes can be chic and flattering. Take a look at a celebrity magazine for inspiration. Young, pregnant starlets are frequently photographed showing off their baby bumps.

Here are some tips for maximizing your style when expecting:

  1. Wear a maxi dress with flat, strappy sandals. Toss a cardigan over it if you need to dress it up or head to work.
  2. Wear mommy jewelry. Mother’s necklaces add a touch of glamour and let you share your joy over your upcoming baby. Try a mother pendant that does double duty as a conversation piece.
  3. Make sure your bra fits well. Your maternity tops will fit better over a well-fitted bra. With your shape and sizes changing, it will help to get measured by a professional.
  4. Layer long tank tops or camisoles under your shirts to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy jeans. You can usually sneak in an extra month of wear by using an extender to get your pants fastened.
  5. Don’t shy from tight clothes, bold colors and patterns. Show off that bump. Motherhood is beautiful!

Celebrate Your Romance

Sometimes you need to step back from your role as a mother to embrace your role as a woman and a wife. Thanks to all your responsibilities, it may be hard to find time to indulge in some romance. Remind yourself of the bond between you and your husband with a personalized pendant.

As an alternative to a mother’s necklace, an engraved pendant can also celebrate your anniversary or a simple sentiment of love. Do you and your husband share a favorite line from a movie or song? Have the words hand-stamped around a circular pendant.

If you normally wear a mom’s necklace, set it aside on special date nights. Think about the weight of fine jewelry for moms against your collarbone and remind yourself of the romance and spark that brought you and your husband together.

Don’t be afraid to drop a little hint before the next holiday. He’ll love giving you a piece of jewelry to celebrate your love.

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