Mothers Day Jewelry Ideas

There is no limit to the love and laughter that Mother's Day Jewelry brings to the lady who has always been the best part of every hour of every day of every year: Mom. Mother’s Day is your cue to find the unique gift that embodies the virtues of this extraordinary woman who inspires with her beauty, strength, humor, and creativity. She is the blessed woman who carried the precious bundle given breath by the union of your love and passion. So, along with the divine chocolate truffles and long stem red roses, give her a little something to let her know how special she is. So here are four unique Mothers Day Jewelry Ideas for you to celebrate your mom, one of the most special persons in your life.

Fabulous Personalized Necklaces

Wow her with a handcrafted personalized necklace for moms. Your first lady will love Mother’s Day jewelry that is breath taking in beauty; a charming fine silver, handmade locket has a 22kt gold heart painted by hand on the center of the cover. Have your personalized message elegantly engraved on the back to let the most precious lady in your life know that: “My heart belongs to...” her. Place pictures of your precious babies in the locket on a 14kt gold chain that is starred with luminescent labradorite beads and you have one of the best Mother’s Day jewelry ideas ever.

Silver for the Simply Elegant

Mother’s Day jewelry shows appreciation for how this wonderful woman has taught the entire family how to live, laugh, and love. The elegant simplicity and purity of silver gives back to her the thousands of moments that would have been so empty if not for her spirit. Three elegant sterling silver charms linked with tiny 14kt gold beads and Raku fired ceramic beads from Bali with a ruby glow will wrap her wrist in elegant compliment to the silver Amor necklace. Feel the glow of happiness that spreads from your heart to hers in the shared appreciation of precious moments together illumined by Mother’s Day jewelry.

Gold for the Goddess

Pair the hand painted gold heart locket with the Goddess Bracelet for truly passionate Mother’s Day jewelry. Moms love to be pampered. After years of nursing fevers, changing diapers, and sleepless nights, she deserves sumptuous Mother’s Day jewelry placed alongside the fresh daffodils on her pillow when she first wakes up on Mother’s Day. Custom hand made with 3 strands of 14kt gold lacy link chain, aquamarine gems and gold vermeil beads hang suspended for a rich adornment that will rejuvenate the goddess that dwells within. For the years to come,   add personalized baby name charms.

Hopelessly Romantic Mother’s Day Jewelry

Speak to her with the passion of rubies, the magnificence of gold and the purity of silver in the language of love. Three, handcrafted, slender silver charms immortalize the love you have for Mother and baby over and over again on the central charm; Mama, Bebe, Amor… Together with a silver disc personalized with baby’s name and birth date, and a heart burning in 22kt gold hand painted on a tiny charm passionately adorned with ruby accents, the love of your life will cherish her Mother’s Day Jewelry always.

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