Mothers Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

One more winter has passed and the new breath of life that comes every year is beckoning us into spring. And, right around the corner is Mother’s Day, the one day of the year dedicated to the celebration of motherhood and all that she represents. You already gave her everything she wanted for the Holidays, a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day so what, you ask, could you possibly choose for a Mother’s Day gift that would transcend everything you have already done; baby gifts, special chocolates - done that, got a t-shirt out of it. Jewelry is always a classic and timeless demonstration of your love and appreciation for all she gives. You will always be right with mothers jewelry and especially mothers necklaces.

And the best way to make this a unique and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift, is to give personalized mothers jewelry. Jewelers have found that inscribing elegant jewelry personalized with your own words and creativity have grown in popularity. For mother, jewelry is an expression of beauty and value so here are a few selections ranging from simple to elegant, and from intricate to whimsical. Order soon to be well prepared for this year’s Mother’s Day festivities.

Gold and Silver Charm Necklace

Personalized charm necklaces have always been a special talisman for the women who wear mothers necklaces. Each charm encapsulates the memories of a particular trip, event, or transformation in your lives together. And never before will a charm express such importance than to a mother who wears her children's name and birth dates around her neck in personalized mothers necklaces. For the very unique mothers necklace with charms, choose one which has both gold and silver on reverse sides with the inscription of your choice. Each pendant is hand crafted for a specially created and always unique Mother’s Day gift.

Gold Name Charm Necklace

A Mother's worth is immeasurable. Show her that she is more precious even than gold with personalized mothers necklaces celebrating the names of your children and the day of their birth with a personalized gold name charm necklace. A particularly lovely mothers necklace comes with one delicate tag personally engraved and the option to add on engraved tags for each of the children in her life. Each tag of this poignant example of mother jewelry is bound by a gold ring, which serves as the appealing focal point of this Mother’s Day gift.

Tree Silver Pendant Necklace

How can you define the beauty of the mother in your life? If she likes yoga, meditation, and nature, then a mothers necklace such as the Tree Silver Pendant Necklace with an earthy tone and a beautiful tree engraving would warm her heart as a Mothers Day gift made especially for her. This particular example of mother jewelry is hand crafted. Permanently unique and like no other, it can be engraved with a message of your choice. Write her name or perhaps a lovely reminder to "Live, laugh, and love." This personalized mothers necklace also displays a sweet artistic tree and just beneath it hangs a brown chalcedony briolette.

Double Charm Pearl Necklace 

Charms have definitely become the current trend for women (mommies or not) since they are simple enough to add to any outfit, lending elegance and grace to a woman's ensemble. And there is no better way to add a sense of classic posh than with pearls. Personalize her Mother’s Day gift by engraving her name or a sweet message on the delicate charms with the Double Charm Pearl Necklace. Poised below the two charms is a creamy white iridescent freshwater pearl. The sterling silver ball chain makes the necklace casual enough for daily wear, while the pearl allows the necklace to blend in with her gorgeous evening wear.

Birthstone and Charm Mother Jewelry

For every mother, the birth of her child is a joyous and profound day. Celebrate her day as a mother and a daughter, with mother’s necklaces featuring her birthstone. Remember the day she first graced the world with a Mother’s Day gift that beautifully adorns her neck with gemstones to reflect the month of her birth. Birthstones are a lovely accent to the sterling silver chain that is artisan hammered of this charming mothers necklace. For even greater significance, the pendant can be imprinted with her special name or message for one of the loveliest personalized mothers necklaces available.

Vintage Bracelet

For a mother, jewelry accents more than just her neck. A mother's hand spends much of its time holding and guiding her loved ones. For mom's kindness and generosity her wrist most certainly deserves to be adorned with a mothers bracelet: the Vintage Bracelet. Choose a Mothers Day gift bracelet with multiple chains, a single note of joy in a freshwater pearl suspended form a tiny chain, and bound together at the clasp as well as at the delicate charm that can bear her name on the front and birth date on the back. With the option for additional charms for a personalized mothers bracelet rejoice in all the loves in her life with a personalized charm for each child.

This Mother’s Day, choose a gift that only you can give.


Mothers Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

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