Miscarriage Jewelry - Remembrance Mothers Jewelry

There is no replacement for the loss of a child. Miscarriage, still birth, and infancy death are tragedies felt by the entire family. But, there is the celebration of the love this child represented, even if only for a brief moment. For the grieving mother, who daily lives a mental, physical, and spiritual loss of this soul, there is only the gradual transformation of the pain of loss to the memory of love for this precious gift that asked to experience love and life through her. This is the time that discreet and simple miscarriage mothers jewelry and infant loss jewelry can assist, in the present, as time heals the emptiness.

The gifting of miscarriage jewelry is a very sensitive act and is a special personalized mothers jewelry for eternal love. Knowing when and how to talk about the loss is a challenge, but be assured that communication is imperative for healing to take place. Choose infant loss jewelry that is lovely and will warm the mother’s bruised heart every time she catches a glimpse of it and feels the weight against her skin. Hand made gold vermeil miscarriage jewelry is a nurturing touch. A slender heart imprinted with baby’s foot prints, coupled with a tiny heart charm hand engraved with a single initial will delicately and lovingly convey your message of support and understanding.

A significant portion of the grieving process requires the naming of the loss without feeling like you are dying too. At times like these the association of a physical object, like miscarriage jewelry, with the love for your child, can help mothers to come to terms with the fact that even though you will never hold baby in your arms, your love will never die. Naming your child and celebrating the life and joy, albeit briefly, represented is a significant step toward healing. Distinctive and yet still discreet, infant loss jewelry can provide a framework of love. Miscarriage jewelry that bears a hand engraved and personalized message on a silver square charm gently carries the name of baby and embraces a gold disc imprinted forever with a delicate heart.

For some mothers, miscarriage mothers jewelry is an uncomplicated way to remember her lost loved one by remembering the love of the original joy of conception. For her, a tiny and subtle reminder that she can always wear speaks to her heart. Miscarriage mothers jewelry fashioned from a copper heart with a delicate six petal flower charm overlay and the single initial of baby’s name engraved in the center will remind her gently of the love and beauty represented by the precious soul who graced her life for such a short time. The healing quality of copper enhances the message of this infant loss jewelry.

A slender copper cuff that can be inscribed “to my angel” or “forget me not” on the inside or out is another form of graceful memorial jewelry or infant loss jewelry that can be worn everyday without drawing attention to the nature of the gift. The healing quality of this miscarriage jewelry remains close to the woman who will forever feel the loss of her child.

Miscarriage jewelry is the heartfelt expression of love that says baby is in good hands and I will love and cherish you always.

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