Kids Rugs Designs

Kids Rugs Designs

Parent’s love to pretend that they are no longer children, that they are researching all the best and most creatively stimulating colors, toys, furniture and kids rugs just to have the best of everything for their kids. But who is choosing the bassinet, the color scheme, and the nursery rugs designs? You, the parent. You buy what you would have loved to have surrounded your self with when you were a child. Decorating the room of your child is a joyous pastime full of the fantasies, whims, and playfulness that delight you; knowing that your love will be felt from the alphabet mobiles right down to the children’s rugs designs.

Kids Area Rugs

Designers today respond to the desire of the parent to fill the early critical formative years with an amazing range of beautiful, creative, and colorful children’s rugs designs. After all, children spend most of their time on the floor becoming a part of the kids rugs designs. Floral and activity patterns for children of all ages feature thick and soft 100% wool and cotton and wool blends in a rainbow of colors. Children’s rugs come in all different shapes and sizes ranging from small at 40” round to 8 feet by 11 feet.

The perfect princess and garden fairy kids rug designs come in hues of rose with brightly colored flowers circling plush swirls and sky blue squares sprinkled with meadow flowers. For the dashing explorer, brilliantly colored dinosaurs roam across easy to clean nylon and skid backed children’s rugs. Trains, planes and trucks chase each other round printed while rockets soar into outer space. For the pirate in the family, tall ships sail in uncharted waters, hunting buried treasure, and cowboys ride bucking broncos across the wild, wild, west of the children’s rugs.

Children’s Themed Rugs

Kids rugs are activity centers as well elegant and tasteful floor coverings. A must buy for parents who are sports minded and enjoy team play is a very clever kids rugs designs in the fresh moss green with the white markings of a soccer field. The Soccer World Championship Rug is a virtual playing field for your son, your daughter, and yourself. Thick 100% wool, it measures 39.4” x 59.1” and comes with 8” soccer players, a ball, and easy to fasten hook and loop goals. This charming mini stadium / kids rugs designs duplicates as a constructive activity center and a beautiful complement to any tastefully furnished room.  

Other fabulous children’s rugs of high quality and ingenious design are the entire line by Drooz Studio’s Shelley Kennedy. Shelley creates 100% wool, hand-hooked and dyed works of art that will delight both the child and the parent. These high quality heirloom pieces are timeless designs that will enchant your children and provide soft and warm play areas enhancing any room. Their overall shape is rectangular, 3 feet by 5 feet, with diamond, star, petal, and scalloped edges, according to their design. These kids rugs designs include circus themes, boys and girls pretend activities, flowers, fruit, time dials and even story land. Featured in Coastal Living, Pregnancy, Kids Today, and ABC Extreme Makeover Kelley’s children’s rugs are applauded for their quality, workmanship, color and detail.  

The most discerning of parents will easily be able to find kids rugs ideas and designs for all occasions, decors, ages, and locations. Even quality children’s rugs that are easy to care for come in a full array of delightful shapes, themes, and colors to provide the most pleasant and educational environment. Shopping is easily accomplished in the better brick and mortar stores as well as in a number of high quality stores online as well. There is no lack of creativity and quality in kids rugs designs.

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