Kids Room Decor - Tips on Selecting the Perfect Kids Room Decor

Track Every Milestone

Moms commonly lament that little children grow up so fast. It is impossible to truly appreciate each milestone as it happens. This is why baby books tracking a baby as he or she grows are so popular. For a quick and functional way to track milestones for your baby book, or as a supplement to a baby book, try using personalized growth charts on your children’s walls. It will serve as kids room decor while allowing you to track each child’s height and special milestones.

Simply mark your child’s height and write a quick, meaningful note along with the date. As your child matures, kids growth charts serve as a beautiful keepsakes with poignant reminders of childhood moments. Older kids often want to become involved in choosing the right decorations for their bedrooms. Look for a growth chart with a color palette that will match various themes as your child’s tastes change.

Encourage older children to help choose the times to be measured. It may be on their birthdays, or maybe after a memorable sports game or recital. Make milestone tracking a family activity.

Brighten Your Child's Bedroom

As children mature, their likes and dislikes become more apparent. Use your child’s burgeoning tastes to help you choose kids room decorations. Your child is developing hobbies and interests. Pick childrens rugs and kids bedroom decor that matches those hobbies for an overall look that will delight your child.

Many children love airplanes and trains. Look for a kids rug with brightly colored characters or prints. It may help to show your child a few options to see what he or she is drawn to. For a child who loves to make-believe, try a rug shaped like a pirate’s treasure map.

Look for kids wall art that reflects what your child loves to do. Sports themes, ballet themes and flowers often delight young children. Keep your wall colors neutral and use the bright-colored kids wall decor to set the tone. Look for kids sheets and bedroom sets to make the wall decorations and rug.

Functional Kids Decor

Kids can be rough and tumble. As they grow, expect the bedroom to become a place for adventures and play. While fine art and porcelain may have been appropriate for a baby’s nursery, it’s time to start decorating with kids room decor built to last and built for play.

Kids rugs are the best way to add functional color and style to a child’s bedroom. They serve as soft play areas and stimulate the imagination. Because they’re part of the kids bedroom decor, they don’t have to be put away when the kids are done playing. Use your child’s bedroom space to encourage indoor play.

Here are some great kids rug ideas:

  • A pirate map rug for treasure hunts and games.
  • A rug with a city map—great for playing with cars.
  • A playful rug with footprints for exercise games and jumping.
  • A meadow rug with dainty flowers for “picnics” and tea parties.

Create an Inspiring Play Room

As babies grow to become toddlers and preschoolers, parents often designate a playroom for safe indoor play. In climates with extremely hot and cold weather, indoor play is a necessity. Just because the playroom is full of toys, doesn’t mean it has to look like a zoo. Fill the children’s space with inspiring playroom decor.

Focus on imaginative decorations. Kid’s room decorating should be a fun activity in which the whole family participates. Let your children chime in and communicate their favorite games and toys. As you look for a kids rug, kids room wall art and play room furniture, tie everything together with a theme like animals, space or flowers.

As long as you’re not overly specific with the theme you align to, you’re giving your children a great foundation for imaginative play and art appreciation. Look for well-crafted kids room rugs that will withstand years of play. Choose wall art with bright colors and educational designs such as numbers and letters.

Personalize Your Kid's Walls

Children love seeing their names, whether it’s on the cubby at school or the tag on the back of a shirt. Have your kids room wall art personalized to create a piece of fine kids art such as those from Oopsy Daisy Wall Art your child will treasure for years.

Kid’s art designers custom paint your child’s name on beautiful, inspiring canvas art pieces for kids. Art for kids features bright colors and creative designs to encourage little imaginations. Help your child develop a sense of pride and ownership over her personal space by hanging art that celebrates her hobbies and displays her name.

For a child who is particularly interested in one subject in school, look for art that creatively interprets that subject. For a boy who loves science, try a whimsical robot painting or a scene of space. For a child who loves cars, look for a looping racetrack.

Numbers and letters are classics. A personalized alphabet scene has a timeless quality and will look great in any kid’s bedroom.

Go Bold with Kids Wall Art

No matter how you’ve decorated the rest of your house, you can go wild in your kid’s room. Neutral tones and subtle warm colors are great in baby’s rooms or bathrooms, but for a growing, active kid, the sky is the limit. Look for bold colors like lime green and bright orange. Shop for kids wall art with bright colors that accent your color scheme.

Look for wall letters to spell your child’s name or a silly word. Let your child participate in the planning process. Decorating kid’s rooms can be a special project that even a toddler can help with. Just draw inspiration from favorite toys or hobbies.

Try a whimsical underwater bedroom with bold blue walls and kids room decorations featuring tropical fish. For a wild garden scene, paint the walls vivid green and decorate the walls with paintings of flowers and fairies. Kids room rugs can tie the entire scene together. Shop for rugs that match the wall art or complement the theme you’ve chosen with your child.

Art that Grows with your Child

Every time your child has a checkup at the doctor, you’ll be surprised to see how much he’s grown. Take advantage of those bittersweet reminders by remembering to track your child’s height on a growth chart. Decorative growth charts can serve to liven up your child’s bedroom. Make measuring time a special family activity. Try keeping a special marker that you only use to measure your child.

Some families have special treats or deserts for measurement milestones. Don’t make your child feel pressured to grow, simply celebrate every little step in her life.

Look for kids growth charts constructed out of sturdy materials that will last through childhood and into your child’s adult years. Your child will appreciate having a permanent record to visit and reminisce over in the future.

Personalized growth charts make wonderful gifts for a child’s first birthday or first Christmas. Be sure to double-check the spelling of the recipient’s name when ordering.

Great Gifts for Kids

When searching for gifts for hard-to-shop-for kids, consider kids bedroom decor. Functional art for kids is a great way to offer a present to parents and their kids. The parents will love the inspiration for decorating kid’s rooms, and the kids will love cute art to jump start playtime.

  • Childrens Rugs: Kids room rugs jump start play, create soft spaces for young children to crawl, and keep floors and carpets safe from wear and tear. Look for playful designs that don’t sacrifice style.
  • Kids Wall Art: Look for personalized art that expresses the child’s personal interests. Try to get a peek at the child’s room to make sure the art you choose doesn’t clash.
  • Personalized Growth Charts: These fun and functional gifts let parents track children’s height with fun stickers and places to write down dates and ages. They make wonderful heirlooms since they provide a written record of growth.

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