Infant Loss Jewelry - A Special Type of Mothers Jewelry

Losing a child is a travesty. The void that is left for the parents to try to fill cannot be described. For a mother, she may ask herself endlessly what she could have done differently that could have changed the course of her child’s life. How can anyone cope with the loss of their infant? You probably find yourself asking what you can do for your friends, your wife, that would help the grief transform into happy memories of the beloved child. Small, loving acts of kindness and consideration like infant loss jewelry can be part of the healing process. 

Communicating is a critical part of the grieving process. To talk about the baby who passed and place in the Mother’s hands to wear close to her heart a small, discrete piece of infant loss jewelry can help to bring her pain into the physical world and out of her heart in order to heal. Infant loss jewelry, a special type of mothers jewelry, can help her focus on the love and the beauty of the blessing of this little soul. The type of mothers necklace or mothers bracelet, the material used, can all have a special meaning. It is important that parents maintain the love for their child and let the pain of loss subside.
Copper Infant Loss Jewelry

Copper represents the healing powers of the earth and helps balance the body, mind, and spirit. Wearing a lovely, handcrafted copper heart pendant with a silver monogrammed flower charm is a loving way to commemorate the balanced perfection of life and will help you appreciate that the beloved infant who has passed is in good hands. Infant loss jewelry is also effective as a copper cuff bracelet inscribed with your special message of love to remind the wearer that baby is in the warmth of the sun on her heart, the gentle caress of the wind on her cheek, and the whispered song of the pine trees swaying in the breeze.

Silver Infant Loss Jewelry

Silver represents the purity of spirit and that all healing is gentle. Infant loss jewelry that comes as a simple and delicate sterling silver heart charm necklace with baby’s initials monogrammed on the face will rest by the Mother’s heart comforting her and reminding her of the purity of the spirit of her lost loved one and the joy that her baby brought. Baby is in a safe place now. This necklace with matching sterling silver heart charm bracelet can help the grieving mother focus on the light of love that will never dim.

Gold Infant Loss Jewelry

Gold radiates from the depth of the soul and reflects the warmth of the life giving sun. Gold infant loss jewelry conveys the understanding of the never ending love of the mother for her child. In time, that love will heal the loss and everlasting joy will remain always. Two sweet and tiny 14kt gold charms, one that says “Love”, and the other with either the initial or the name of baby, and accented with a single freshwater pearl allows the healing powers of the sea to wash away the grief.

Sometimes a life stays only a fleeting moment here on Earth and we were blessed to have known it. The best thing you can do is love the precious life that came, gave joy, and left again, so quickly. Remember that love with infant loss jewelry.

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