Handcrafted Name Necklaces vs Machine Stamped

Handcrafted Baby Name Necklaces vs. Machine Stamped Necklaces

We feel a magic regarding artisans; uniquely talented individuals who are in touch with beauty, nature, values, love, trust, and compassion as they work with gold, silver, copper and other precious raw materials to convey their inspired messages. Beautiful and meaningful handcrafted baby name necklaces are the result of the artisan, giver, and recipient reaching into the depth of their hearts and sharing a common value; love. Artists often say that they cannot adjudicate another’s work of art, but they can appreciate the message in handcrafted baby name necklaces.

Artisan vs Machine

Handcrafted baby name jewelry gives you the opportunity to participate with the artist in the creation of the spirit of the gift. With machines that simply do what they are told and do not have the heart and spirit to contribute to the quality of your inspired gift, they fall short of being a part of the inherent creative process. This is not to say that machines are bad, they do great jobs making cars, paving roads, pumping gas, processing milk, and measuring seismic activity. They just don’t have the ability of inspired artists to make handcrafted baby name necklaces.

Handcrafted Baby Name Necklaces

These necklaces are specially created as presents and tokens of love and tenderness for newborns, the whole family, and those celebrations that mean so much. They are most often created from silver and gold because they engrave easily and permanently, preserving the names and dates that impart a lifetime of love. Handcrafted baby name necklaces are passed on from generation to generation as priceless heirlooms. A current craze is adding gems and Swarovski crystals to add color and dimension to your gift. Each piece of jewelry that is manifested in the artist’s workshop is unique. Just like you and your beloved wife and child.  

All Gold Name Charm Necklaces

The warmth and generosity of gold is the perfect compliment for Mom. She emanates the brilliance and nurturing of the sun and handcrafted baby name necklaces made in gold are an excellent selection for this wonderful woman. Holly the designer and artist of these particular baby name necklaces, fashions lovely charm necklaces in 14kt gold. She imbues the jewelry with all her expertise and inspiration, adds texture to each little disc through a process of hammering that creates a glistening quality. By hand inscribing names, words, and dates given her on the front and back of the charm she completes the focus of the handcrafted baby name necklaces to be attached to the 14kt gold chain with a Swarovski birthstone crystal personally selected by you. You can ask her to do this for as many loved ones and events as you like.

Triple Tiny Charms Necklace in Silver

Handcrafted baby name necklaces can be petite or dynamic, sumptuous or simple elegant, but most of all, they make Moms happy. The Mom’s Name Charm Necklace is adorably petite sterling silver jewelry with three delicate fine silver discs attached to a sterling silver chain also crafted by Holly with all the same care, love and attention to detail as her gold works of art. Each brush of the hammer and loop of the letter is completed with the spirit of your gift in mind. The gift of the handcrafted baby name necklaces is in the spirit of creation fused with the necklace itself.

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