Guide to Moses Baskets

For thousands of years Moses and his basket have been synonymous with safety and comfort for a new born baby. As Moses floated down the river in his basket, he slept soundly, undisturbed by the strong current, the bustle of activity along the shore, getting lodged in the rushes, and was happy when he was discovered. That story has encouraged hundreds and thousands of Moms to choose one of the many styles of the Moses Basket today to keep their newborn protected and happy.

What Is So Great About Moses Baskets?

There are four main reasons for using this basket made famous by Moses:

  1. Carry Baby easily to and from the car
  2. Comfort and safety of your baby
  3. Keeps Baby close by your side
  4. Moses Baskets are multi-purpose

Moses Baskets Provide Ease of Baby Transport

You were already juggling cell, laptop, diaper bag, and car keys so now how do you manage Baby as well? Applying mascara, sipping your Starbucks, closing a deal while on your cell, and racing to the office all at the same time is totally normal for you. You do that daily. However, juggling baby may not be the best idea. Lightweight Moses Baskets can solve getting from house to car and car to office all in one piece.

Moses Baskets Offer Peace and Safety

The comfort and security of your newborn child is of the highest priority in the mind of all parents. The closeness of the Moses Basket and the sense of being snuggled close and warm, give Baby a sense of being back in mother’s womb, far different from being left stranded in the middle of a cot with bars that may accommodate growth, but leave Baby feeling abandoned.

Moses Baskets Keep Baby Close

Baby has just moved from a cozy little apartment inside Mom to a huge world full of noises, shapes, moving things, and lights that are all alien. It is important for the stable development of Baby and her blossoming sense of trust for mothers and fathers to keep Baby close, night and day, which is what makes Moses Baskets so popular. Some even have rocking stands with coordinating skirts so that rather than sitting on the floor, they can be kept closer to bed or desk level.

Moses Baskets are Versatile

Use the basket for storing linens, or providing a home for all Baby’s stuffed animals when, after 3 months baby has outgrown it. It is far too attractive and useful to give away or store.     

How to Choose a Moses Basket

When shopping for Moses Baskets it is very important to test the strength of the fiber used for the weave. Wicker is the strongest, though most expensive. Most are made from palm and even maize because they are used only for about 3 months. Test the strength of the handles and support the bottom of the basket with your hand first before moving Baby, otherwise it is not recommended.  Also, to carry Moses Baskets with one hand, you need to check to make sure that the handles meet in the middle.

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