Gifts for Mom - Tips On Selecting The Perfect Gift for Mom

Great Gifts for New Mothers

During the first year of her baby’s life, the new mom will be focused on all the milestones her child experiences. She may focus on fitness, or finding enough sleep—but chances are she won’t have time to shop for herself.

As Christmas, Mother’s Day and her birthday approach, make sure you give her something special. Gifts for moms don’t have to be practical. Splurge on new mom gifts to delight and spoil her. She’s worked hard and deserves the extra attention.

When shopping for a birthday gift for mom, try a unique piece of personalized jewelry. Have a necklace engraved or stamped with her child’s name.

During baby’s first year, personalized Mothers Day gifts are especially poignant. She’ll want to remember her first Mother’s Day for the rest of her life. Try a personalized photo frame, a baby book or personalized keychain with her child’s initials. If you give her a photo frame, be sure to have a photo of her child printed to include with the wrapped gift.

It's the Season to Celebrate Mom

Moms are unique. Whether she’s the type of mom who always bakes a homemade cherry pie at Christmas, or she prefers piling the family in her SUV for a bountiful Christmas buffet, she deserves recognition this holiday season. Celebrate the women in your life with unique gifts for moms.

Don’t be intimidated when shopping for Mother’s Day or Christmas gifts for mom. The best gifts for mom are those that show that you really care. Avoid department store holiday gift displays. Instead, shop for a personalized gift that shows you put the time and effort in to honor her unique personality.

Jewelry and keepsakes will make her feel special. Mothers spend more time shopping for their family than they do for themselves. Give her a personalized mother’s necklace or a beautiful charm bracelet. If she loves collecting, look for a beautiful scrapbook or a picture frame that shows off her kids or grandkids.

Keepsakes: Classic Gifts to Enjoy Year Round

As the next holiday approaches, you may find yourself shopping for mothers gifts. What does a mother need, exactly? Don’t get caught up trying to shop for necessities. Instead, make this holiday special by shopping for keepsake gifts for mother.

A keepsake can be passed down from generation to generation. A keepsake is an instant classic. Try fine jewelry personalized with her children’s names or birthdays. Unlike a statue or figurine, she can enjoy this special keepsake every day of her life.

Keepsake jewelry designed and handcrafted by jewelry artisans will make a fabulous impression on mom. Celebrate her individualism and thank her for all that she does for her family.

When shopping for keepsake jewelry, look for personalized necklaces and personalized bracelets. She’ll love wearing a beautiful piece of fine jewelry engraved with her children’s names and sparkling with their birthstones. Don’t forget to order well in advance of the gift-giving occasion. Personalization is often completed by jewelry artists who need time to hand craft the beautiful gift for mom.

Gifts Inspired by Celebrity Fashion

Looking for a mother gift for a special occasion? Take a cue from the pages of celebrity gossip magazines and shop for a sparkling, personalized gift for mom. Personalized mommy jewelry has been spotted on stars like Julia Roberts and Heidi Klum. These chic trendsetters proudly wear their children’s names on personalized necklace charms.

The mom in your life doesn’t have to be a fashionista to appreciate the modern, classic styles of personalized jewelry sported by Hollywood moms. Elegant name necklaces feature engraved or hand-stamped disks and tags. Created by talented jewelry artisans, these handmade pieces of fine jewelry are great for daytime wear and evening occasions.

Help her celebrate the names of her children, her children’s birthday, or a sentiment that holds personal meaning. When shopping, try consulting with other family members to help find the best gifts for mom. Give mom her special gift as a group, and have a camera ready to capture the moment she opens her unique gift.

Mother's Day Gift Tips: The Right Jewelry for Mom

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts? Show mom how much you care about all the things she does by giving her a beautiful piece of personalized mothers jewelry. Don’t be intimidated by shopping for jewelry. Simply find a piece that expresses her personality and lets her show off her identity as a mother.

  • It’s important to make sure that the jewelry you choose matches her style and wardrobe. For example, you don’t want to buy her gold jewelry if she only wears silver.
  • The best gifts for mom are gifts that she can use year-round, so you want to try to find jewelry she’ll wear often.
  • If mom is very active, look for jewelry with a casual, modern appeal. Tag necklaces and silver name charms wear well, even at the gym.
  • If mom attends quite a few formal gatherings and parties, look for a piece adorned with fine gemstones or pearls. She’ll love a beautiful engraved monogram necklace with her initials or her children’s initials.

Find an Extraordinary Gift for Mom

Are you ready to make a big impression this gift-giving season? Make a big splash with a gift for mom that she’ll never forget. Unique gifts for mothers aren’t as hard to find as you’d think. Just shop for handcrafted boutique items she won’t find in department stores or at the mall.

When brainstorming for great gift ideas for mom, narrow your search to one or two categories. Then decide what’s best for her. For example, think about jewelry. Women love wearing jewelry, but rarely buy jewelry for themselves. If you decide to get her jewelry, shop for pieces that match what she wears. Try having a necklace personalized with a name or date that holds special meaning.

New mom gifts can be more practical. Practical doesn’t mean boring. Try a designer diaper bag. She’ll be amazed at the exceptional and upscale fabric. Gift her unique gift that will help her stand out on the playground. She’ll be the most fashionable mother on the block.

Designer Diaper Bags: The Practically Perfect Gift for Mom

Not sure what sort of clothing or jewelry mom would like? Shop for designer diaper bags. Because they’re crafted with the same fashion sense and fine materials as chic handbags, diaper bags make great Mother’s Day gifts and Christmas gifts for mom. It’s hard to go wrong with so many beautiful colors and styles to choose from.

Diaper bags are a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. Give mom a beautiful diaper bag she’ll be proud to carry down the street with her precious little one. You may not consider a diaper bag to be a luxurious gift, but mom will be amazed at your thoughtfulness. Just shop for designer, quality bags such as the popular CJ Satchel or the Storksak Gigi—a favorite of celebrity moms.

Don’t be afraid of diaper bags as a gift idea for mom. When you present her with her chic baby bag, be sure to offer an afternoon of babysitting with it so she can pack it with all of her baby needs before showing it off at the playground.

Personalize a Gift for Mom

This holiday, let mom know you really care about her. Personalized gifts for moms make any occasion a special occasion. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift for mom or new mom gifts, personalization shows you took the extra time to make a gift a true keepsake for her to treasure for years.

So what do you have personalized?

  • Personalized jewelry lets mom display her children’s names. Look for jewelry handcrafted by designers who can engrave or hand-stamp initials or names. Necklace charms are especially popular.
  • A baby scrapbook or photo album is a unique gift that doubles as a fun craft project for mom. Hand sewn with satin ribbons and featuring handmade decorative papers, Bliss Living’s baby scrapbooks are memory keepers new moms are sure to cherish.

Other gift ideas include:
  • What more can be said for designer diaper bags besides they are chic, stylish, functional, and make wonderful gifts for mom? How about this? Designer diaper bags from Storksak and Nest, among others, are favorites among celebrity moms.
  • Of course, you can always go the practical route with a Bliss Living gift certificate. Let mom decide her gift from the convenience of her own home.

Jewelry to Celebrate Motherhood

Gifts for mothers come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to making a lasting impression, the best gifts for mom come in tiny boxes. Sparkling, personalized gifts for moms become lasting keepsakes. Jewelry can be worn every day, a yearlong reminder of the gift you gave on a special occasion.

Mommy jewelry is fashionable and often photographed on celebrity moms. Look for handcrafted, unique jewelry that she wouldn’t find anywhere else. Smooth silver disks are especially popular. Have disks personalized with her children’s names and worn together as necklace charms. If a silver disk isn’t embellished enough for her taste, look for charms with additional accents such as gold hearts, birthstones, or crystals.

You can also look for charm bracelets, which she can add to later, giving you even more gift ideas for mom as Christmas and Mother’s Day approach. Charm bracelets traditionally come in gold and silver, but can also be beaded.

Gift Ideas for New Moms

Gifts for moms are especially poignant the first year of baby’s life. The new mom experiences each holiday as a mother for the first time. Make sure when you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts and Christmas gifts for mom that you celebrate those special occasions with style. Shop for mom gifts that she’ll treasure as her children grow.

The best gifts for mom are gifts she would not think of buying herself. Jewelry usually tops the list of indulgences that busy moms rarely find time to purchase for themselves. To help commemorate her first Christmas as a mom or her first Mother’s Day, get her a necklace or bracelet personalized with her new baby’s name or birthday.

If the new mom loves fashion and celebrities, give her a practical gift that still lets her show off her style. Designer diaper bags, like the Storksak Gigi and Timi and Leslie diaper bags, are just as fashionable as handbags found in major boutiques.

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