Fathers Day Gift Idea - Fathers Day Jewelry

New Father Gifts - Guide to Fathers Day Jewelry

When the first time Dad views the sweet infant, new to this world, nothing can express his emotions; the humility, disbelief, joy and strong desire to protect mother and child cannot be described in words. Presenting Fathers Day Jewelry to him demonstrates that you understand the intensity of his feelings and mirrors the worth he gives the role of sentinel-provider for his cherished wife and baby. Fathers Day jewelry, personalized with the name and date of birth of baby, becomes the badge of the new father worn with pride and honor. We think that personalized jewelry with your kids names inscribed are an original Father's Day Gifts idea that are also great as a matcing pair with our personalized mothers jewerly.

Formal Fathers Day Jewelry

For the Father who still wears black tie and tux, we have the most appropriate Father’s Day gift. Sterling Silver Personalized Cuff Links are sophisticated and stylish for the ideal accent to his attire no matter if he is going to the Oscars or a bar mitzvah. These cuff links in sterling silver are crafted from 3/4 heavy gauge sterling silver rounds with enough space to inscribe a message up to 15 characters for each cuff. So, whether an inspiring or endearing message, baby’s name, and/or birth date this Fathers Day jewelry is hand crafted to create a gift like no other.

Enviro-Friendly Fathers

We found awesome Father's Day jewelry for the responsible Dad who cares deeply about the natural renewable resources of our planet. He is going to just love this personalized Father’s Day jewelry made from fine silver that has been recycled from silver used in film. Mitsubishi Materials created a system to pull the silver out from the film, pound it into dust, mix it with a natural binder, and then fire it in an oven. This enviro-friendly process produces the .999 fine silver found in Daddy Tags and other personalized Fathers Day jewelry to lend an enhanced quality to Fathers Day gifts.

Daddy Tags Fathers Day Jewelry

Man has carried keepsakes around his neck for centuries and there is no greater talisman to hold than his first baby’s name. Daddy Tags for Fathers Day jewelry are worn both as necklaces and key chains. They have 2 fine silver tags or charms each 2 inches long. The charm is strung on your choice of either a leather cord or a sterling silver ball chain for the necklace and a sterling silver ball chain for the keys. The first charm is inscribed by hand with Father’s initial. The second carries Baby’s name and date of birth. Additional charms for this Fathers Day jewelry are available upon request.

Daddy Dog Tags

When New Daddy receives a slender, carefully wrapped package on Father’s Day, he is thinking of all manner of possibilities contained within: a tie, tickets for the Angels… Fathers Day jewelry may be far from his thoughts. When he discovers the sparkling new sterling silver Daddy Dog Tags with coordinating key chain sporting the name of his newborn inside, this is one of the times that he is not going to hide his emotions. You see, he has just been honored with his official Daddy Insignia. The single tag is created to hold 3 names, Mommy, Daddy, and Baby. This Fathers Day jewelry key chain and necklace set are strung on sterling silver ball chains and stamped by the artisan with your inspiring message.

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