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Fashionable Diaper Bags Hit the Scene

Are you sick of carrying diapers and wipes around in an ugly canvas bag? Tired of choosing between beige and pastels? Luckily, designer diaper bags have exploded onto the scene.

Stylish diaper bags are available in a huge variety of colors and prints. Now there’s no reason to carry a diaper bag you don’t love or a tote that wasn’t specifically designed to carry baby gear.

Did you know that diaper bags now come in leather and designer prints? You can carry around your diapers, your baby’s toys and your child’s snacks in a bag just as stylish as the one you carry your wallet and sunglasses in.

With fashionable diaper bags, you can easily head out shopping without your kids and no one will know you’re carrying a baby bag. Slip on a trendy headband, some ballet flats and a pair of skinny jeans for breeze car line style.

Luxury for Everyday Moms

You don’t have to be a celebrity to carry a designer diaper bag. Everyday moms deserve the chance to choose from wide range of colors and patterns when shopping for a baby diaper bag. Being a mom doesn’t mean compromising your sense of style.

Baby diaper bags differ from normal bags and totes. They include features like changing pads, extra pockets and insulated bottle carriers. Cute diaper bags should be indistinguishable from normal handbags, with their secrets hidden inside the trendy, luxurious exterior.

Celebrity magazines frequently feature the stylish young mothers on the Hollywood scene. Celeb moms have launched trends like mommy jewelry, maternity denim and upscale baby carriers. Luxury diaper bags are readily available online, so shop around for the great bags you’ve seen on the arms of celebrities like Heidi Klum and Angelina Jolie. Don’t mistake fashionable diaper bags for a passing trend—these functional and chic bags are here to stay.

Baby Bag Style Guide

When you’re shopping for baby bags, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Use this easy guide to find the best diaper bag for your lifestyle.

  • Diaper Tote Bags: Diaper tote bags have a breezy, casual feel. They’re usually a little larger and deeper than handbags. If you’re a grab-and-go mom, a tote bag will serve you well. Pack it with diapers, a few snacks and a change of clothing and you’ll still have room for library books.
  • Baby Travel Bags: Many parents start jetsetting with their children early on. If you’re a traveling mom, baby travel bags are perfect for you. Look for plenty of compartments to hold your everyday necessities, as well as enough room to pack your baby’s clothing.
  • Large Diaper Bags: Oversized is in this season. Large diaper bags are trendy and functional. Thanks to roomy, thoughtful interiors, you’ll have room for your casual shopping as well as your baby items.

Unique Diaper Bag Styles

Don’t feel limited to a handbag or tote diaper baby. Think outside the box, especially if you’ll be sharing your diaper bag with your spouse. If you expect dad to lug around a change and diapers, shop fordiaper baby bags with a unisex appeal.

Backpack diaper bags have a rugged look, while maintaining a fun urban feel. A backpack is the best diaper bag for a mom or dad who needs both hands free as often as possible. If you have a newborn and a toddler, a diaper bag backpack is right for you.

Leather diaper bags wipe-clean and transition well from day to evening. Look for a leather messenger diaper bag for a bag that can be repurposed as a casual book bag or laptop bag as your child gets older.
If mom is a true fashionista, look for a diaper bag that’s styled to resemble a chic handbag. Shop for stylish diaper bags in bold colors, unexpected fabrics and mod prints.

Diaper Bags for Hip Parents

Even hip parents need baby changing bags. After all, a little hipster in the making needs a change and a feeding several times a day. Stay on top of your game by carrying a diaper bag that reflects your style and fashion sense.

Brad Pitt is a big fan of messenger-style diaper bags. Thanks to the long strap, you can wear the bag across your body and keep your hands free. Because they have an edgy appeal, messenger diaper bags make great gifts for young parents.

If you plan sharing the bag with your spouse, look for diaper bags in neutral colors like chocolate, black and steel gray. If the bag will only be used by mom, your choices are broader. Shop for cute diaper bags with hip prints like big chunky circles, bright colors and bold stripes.

Remember, even fashionable diaper bags should be functional. Make sure your pick includes a changing pad, insulted area for bottles or snacks, and plenty of compartments. It always helps if the fabric wipes clean easily.

Baby Changing Tips

When changing baby in public, it helps to have the best diaper bag possible. When shopping for baby bags, keep convenience and function in mind. Your diaper bag should have compartments that are easy to open, particularly with one hand. You should be able to reach your diapers and wipes easily.

A changing pad keeps your baby’s soft skin off rough or germy surfaces. Look for baby bags with matching changing pads that tuck easily into the bag.

Once you find the right bag, these tips will help you with quick and easy diaper changes:

  • If you can’t find a clean bathroom or private area, consider changing your baby in the car. Simply use your trunk or backseat for a quick, clean surface. Never leave your baby unattended.
  • Keep one of baby’s favorite toys in your diaper bag. Offer it to your baby while you’re changing him or her—it will keep his or her hands out of the mess.

Diaper Bag Packing Tips

Baby changing bags are especially designed to make it easier to pack and carry baby essentials. Thanks to lots of compartments, thoughtful storage areas and a changing pad—the diaper bag does half the work for you.

You have the best diaper bag. Now you just need to pack it with the right stuff.

  • Don’t pack a full size box of diaper wipes. Use a travel size pack or a reusable plastic wipe holder that houses a smaller, more compact number of wipes.
  • Remember, stains can come with changing your baby. Keep a stain remover stick in your diaper bag to save your clothing and your baby’s clothing.
  • Pack a spare shirt for yourself, and for your baby. You don’t want to get stuck out on errands with spittle on your shirt.
  • Tuck a few freezer bags into your bag in case you need to bring home wet items or damp clothes.

Baby Tips: Outings with Baby

Years ago, new moms stayed inside for weeks with their newborns. These days, moms often adventure out within a week or two of baby’s arrival. Don’t be nervous about going out with your baby. Try these tips:

  • Look for baby diaper bags that you can carry easily. Pack one for long outings, and keep a smaller diaper clutch for short trips out.
  • If you frequently bring baby to work or to other somewhat dressy locations, shop for a leather diaper bag or a bag in a neutral print. Then pack toys that don’t make a lot of noise.
  • Always keep a few snacks in the diaper bag. You never know when you’ll need something distracting.
  • If you’re nursing your little one, keep a few spit rags or soft cloths on hand in case of messes.
  • Keep track of the places you visit frequently. Remember where the restrooms are, especially clean ones. A nice clean changing area can be a lifesaver.

Indulge in a Fun and Funky Diaper Bag

Inject a little style into your life with a cute diaper bag. Baby bags don’t have to be unattractive. Luxury diaper bags give you the same selection you find in handbags and designer totes.

Don’t think that diapers and fashion can coexist? Just look at the variety of prints and styles available. Even Dad can get in on the fashion action with a diaper dude bag or a hip leather messenger diaper bag.

Celebrity moms have embraced stylish diaper bags. Angelina Jolie was spotted carrying an Italian leather bag with fine hardware. Believe it or not, that gorgeous bag was a diaper bag.

Now you can be just as trendy as the celebrities you’ve seen in fashion magazines. There’s no reason to broadcast the fact that you’re carrying around diapers and bottles. More importantly, there’s no reason to conform to pastel colors or ugly fabrics. Carry a diaper bag that reflects your style.

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