Designer Diaper Bags - Tips for Selecting the Perfect Designer Diaper Bag

Oi Oi: A Celebrity Favorite

Looking for a functional and casually chic diaper bag? Look no further than Oi Oi, a designer diaper bag favored by Australian moms for their rugged yet stylish design. Embracing the spirit of the Outback, Oi Oi diaper bags feature bold, colorful prints. The interior pockets and features make it simple to bring all of your baby’s gear on your urban adventures.

Cate Blanchett has been spotted wearing her Oi Oi diaper bag. In fact, she's gone out of her way to laud its elegant functionality. Because they’re designed to resemble trendy handbags, Oi Oi Diaper bags won’t cramp your style. Simply tuck your diapers, wipes, bottles and accessories inside the bag and set off on a shopping expedition.

You don’t need to be an Australian to appreciate the perks of an OiOi diaper bag. Trendy diaper bags elevate your style without compromising the tools and features you need to tote your baby gear around town. This is a celebrity trend worth embracing.

Looking for a Rugged, Urban Diaper Bag?

Not every mom tunes into the latest handbag trends. For some, functionality and features are key. Even if your style is more casual than chic, designer diaper bags may be perfect for you. This season, minimalist urban designs have been seen on the arms and strollers of celebrity moms.

Low-key diaper bag designs have the benefit of matching your outfits and baby gear. Look for neutral gray tones and earthy browns. Designer brands like Oi Oi, Storksak, Holly Aiken, Caden Lane, and Amy Michelle offer messenger-style options. Look for a classic herringbone fabric that wears well in the evenings, but isn’t overly flashy during the day. Messenger bags can be used to tote books and laptops once your kids are older.

Fleurville’s backpack and messenger diaper bags can be easily swapped from mom’s shoulder to dad’s shoulder. This kind of multi-tasking appeals to urban parents on the go. Stick to deep chocolates and avoid bright prints if you plan on both parents using the diaper bag.

Find the Perfect Diaper Bag

When it comes to diaper bags, the options are seemingly endless. Do you choose a colored bag? Are prints right for you?

Once you know what style you like, it’s time to start thinking about the features you need to get by. Don’t be overwhelmed. All you need to do is think about your routine and lifestyle.

So how do you find the perfect diaper bag? Try these six tips to evaluate your personal needs:

  1. Are you big on style? If so, look for designer diaper bags that resemble handbags.
  2. Are you active? Look for a backpack or messenger bag with a long strap.
  3. Frequently out with a stroller? Find a bag with straps that attach to your stroller handles.
  4. Toting bottles around? Be sure to find a diaper bag with an insulated compartment.
  5. Are your kids messy? Look for material that wipes clean easily.
  6. Got lots of tech gear? Make sure your bag has pockets for your keys, cell or PDA.

Mom's Secret Weapon

A diaper bag is your secret weapon. Diaper bags conceal the tools needed to make it through shopping excursions, evenings at restaurants, and quick errands. Thanks to features like insulation and changing pads, all your parenting necessities can be kept just within reach.

Whether you’re shopping for a trendy leather bag like a Storksak design or a more casual designer diaper bag like a JP Lizzy bag, you’ll need a few features to help you get through the day with baby’s gear. A few things to look for when choosing a diaper bag:

  • A changing pad to keep baby’s tender skin safe from germs and rough surfaces.
  • Waterproof and easy-to-clean surfaces. With babies, you have to expect spills.
  • An insulated area for sippy cups, bottles, or chilled snacks.
  • Easy-to-reach compartments for diapers and wipes.
  • Compartments to keep your wallet, cell phone and keys.
  • If you’re often out with a stroller, look for a bag with stroller straps.

Express Yourself With a Unique Diaper Bag

Diaper bags don’t have to be baby blue or pale pink. Look for a bag that expresses your individual style. Many designer diaper bags are crafted to resemble trendy handbags. This is why celebrity moms like Jennifer Garner are often seen out shopping with gorgeous diaper bags.

If you love bold colors and dramatic prints, shop for a diaper bag that really speaks to your style. When shopping for a unique diaper bag, look for bright florals, bold stripes, and candy-colored polka dots. Prints make a statement and add a little fun to your baby gear. At playdates, you’ll have no trouble picking out your diaper bag.

Kalencom diaper bags are known for their unique style, and are a great option if you’re shopping for prints. Bright oranges, dazzling yellows, and vivid blues make these bags stand apart from more neutral-toned or pastel bags. Kalencom bags have room for all your baby necessities without being too bulky. They also often include coordinating bottle bags and changing pads.

Go from Day to Night with a Convertible Diaper Bag

Tired of moving your wallet, makeup, keys and cell phone from your diaper bag to your handbag when you’re leaving the house sans kids? Switch to a convertible diaper bag that transitions seamlessly from day use to night garb.

Timi and Leslie diaper bags are indistinguishable from designer handbags until you peek inside. Despite looking like chic purses, trendy diaper bags come with features like bottle totes, wristlets, stroller straps and changing pads.

These designer diaper bags avoid the typical duffle shape. Instead, enjoy diaper bags cut like hobo bags, satchels, vintage bowling bags and doctor’s bags. With finishes like bold purple leather, bright black vinyl and upscale bronze, you’re sure to find a diaper bag that you’d be perfectly comfortable wearing to a late night date with your husband.

When shopping for a convertible bag, pay attention to details like buckles, straps and shape. A unique, truly convertible diaper bag should be completely indistinguishable from a purse.

Diaper Bag Style Tips

Believe it or not, diaper bags can be stylish. Even though they’re used to carry around diapers, wipes and baby necessities, designer diaper bags can make a fashion statement. Try these tips for stylish excursions with your little one.

For a look that goes from bookstore to business to playdate, go for a messenger bag. Reese Li diaper bags have a line of messenger bags with hip modern prints in muted colors.

  • Leather diaper bags are easy to wipe clean, and are durable and chic. Look for leather in a dark color that won’t show stains.
  • Polished hardware gives a diaper bag an upscale look. Nest diaper bags have great buckles and findings.
  • Animal prints are fun and flirty. Just because you’re hauling diapers around doesn’t mean you have to stick to matronly colors. Just make sure you choose a bag with the appropriate practical features.
  • Use a diaper clutch for short errands. Many designer bags come with coordinating clutches to hold one diaper and travel wipes, or your wallet and keys if you’re out without the kids.

Travel in Style with Designer Diaper Bags

Don’t let your first trip out with baby intimidate you. With a well-stocked diaper bag, you’ll have all the tools a prepared mother requires within arm’s reach.

  • Try bringing an oversized baby bag. Don’t worry, big bags are in this season. Tori Spelling was recently seen carrying an oversized Nest diaper bag.
  • Shop for a designer baby bag that matches your luggage.
  • Have dad carry an additional diaper bag. Try the Storksak neutral-colored bag seen on Brad Pitt.
  • Pack a few plastic bags in case you need a quick place to stash dirty diapers.
  • For older babies, pack the diaper bag with a few new toys. If you’re flying, don’t bring noisy toys.
  • Pack plenty of snacks. Keep drinks in the insulated part of your diaper bag.
  • There’s no need to sacrifice style when you’re traveling with baby. Carry a bag you’ll be comfortable with when shopping and visiting restaurants.
  • A convertible diaper bag can double as your handbag.

Downsize with a Diaper Clutch

When you’re only going to be out for a few hours, you only need a few diapers and some wipes. In this case, a designer diaper clutch is just the ticket. Grab it on your way out the door and you’re good to go.

Diaper clutches generally have room for three to four diapers, some wipes, and often feature a thin changing pad. They’re not appropriate for carrying around baby bottles, blankets or toys. Many moms keep a clutch in their car or by the front door for quick errands.

Reese Li carries adorable diaper clutches in bold, trendy prints. These smaller versions of the iconic Reese Li diaper bag include a small plastic frame for a brag photo of your child. The Reese Li clutch also includes an easy-to-reach wipes dispenser. Try it out and test your diaper change speed.

Once your baby is no longer in diapers, your diaper clutch easily converts to a purse. When shopping, pick a fabric you’ll love for years to come.

For a Full Range of Features, Try Coordinates

One diaper bag may not be enough to suit all of your needs. If you find yourself switching bags often, invest in a coordinated set of diaper bags. Designer diaper bags are crafted out of quality fabrics. When you invest in a designer bag, you can expect to get years of use out of it.

A quick look at a celebrity magazine will show you handfuls of famous moms with designer diaper bags on their arms. What you might not see is how many cool accessories come with coordinated diaper bag sets.
For example, JP Lizzy carries a pink set with a coordinating makeup bag and wristlet. Like luggage sets, these matching items help busy, chic moms organize their style.

When shopping for a coordinating set, stick to a color and fabric you really love. Think about what you need in a bag. Do you carry makeup or electronics? Is your child in diapers? Do you require a large tote for shopping trips? Once you know what you need, look for a set that suits your lifestyle.

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