Changing Diapers Made Easy

Does diaper changing scare you? Although it is a high frequency chore it can be made easy. Whether you are changing your baby ’s diaper 12 times daily or wrestling your toddler into disposable pull up diapers, here are some tips for changing them to maximize efficiency. These tips are for home use but if you are on the road make sure you carry a diaper bag so you can stay organized and have everything easily at your figure tips.

Establish Multiple Changing Stations. Establish several diaper changing stations throughout your home so you are not scrambling to your child's room to retrieve a diaper or to locate the diaper-rash cream when the time arrives for a change. This is especially helpful when you have stairs and an absolute must if you have more than two stories. Stock each station with at least 10 diapers, a box of wipes (get those tip cases that snap for the road and the boxes for home), and rash cream all close to each other.

Distraction or Walk Away. Distract your child to help settle her down. Effective methods are focusing their attention on her nursery wall art in her room, singing or giving them some one of her favorite baby toys or some other nursery decor object to hold and play. An alternative is to discuss with your child that she must listen or you are not proceeding on to the next fun activity you are going to do. If all else fail, walk away. This is especially effective for constant squirmers. Make sure your baby has finished pooping or peeing before changing the diaper.

Attack the Mess. Sanitize your hands by washing or using a sanitation napkin. Peel away the diaper and cushion it below her bottom and try to use it to scoop away excessive and large poop. For newborns use a washcloth, disposable gauze or cotton balls. For toddlers and older kids use sanitary wipes liberally and wipe front to back. This reduces the spread of germs. Wipe thoroughly around the bottom and in the middle and be sure to wipe all creases to remove all poop and urination. Dry your child's bottom. Check the pants or body suit to make sure its clean before putting it back on your child.

Safety First. It is safe to use an elevated changing table only for newborns who can not row. It is better to just have changing mats on the floor as much as possible as this eliminates any risk of rolling. Do not rely on straps or side cushion blocks to keep your baby secure. Never take your eyes off your baby, resist the urge to step away for a second to throw away the diaper. Hold baby in your arms or secure her to a seat before you throw away the soiled diaper.

Special Tip for Changing Baby Boys. Also for boys, it is best to place a cloth or tissue over the penis to prevent an unintentional spray where it ruins the surroundings or that it hits you in the face! Studies show there is a good chance that your baby boy will spray during diaper change at least once so be prepared.

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