Baby Clothing and Baby Blanket - Types of Fabrics

Cotton, canvas, and even banana leaves have all been used as based materials for baby blankets throughout the world. There have been many materials used for baby blankets since the dawn of civilization but we will cover the most popular fabrics and methods used today for baby blankets.

Modern Styles of Fabric:

Chenille means caterpillar in French. The Chenille is a style of yarn that can be transformed into different fibers: cotton, rayon, acrylic, wool or silk. Chenille is not a spun yarn. Chenille is made of fine yarns that are woven together and then cut apart through a certain technique that produces the Chenille structure. Popular materials for Chenille are cotton and wool.

Cashmere is a fiber derived from the Cashmere (Kashmir) goat. Cashmere is by far the most popular baby blanket fabric for the affluent. Cashmere provides unparalleled softness and comfort to both mom and baby. Furthermore, Cashmere provides lightweight insulation without the heavy bulk of other fabric. The high moisture content within cashmere also allows insulation to change with the humidity of the air, which keeps the body at a more constant temperature. If you want the best for your baby there is nothing in worldwide production that compares with Cashmere. Although Cashmere is a very fine material it can be made into a variety of patterns.

Fleece traditionally has referred to a type of weaving of wool. Fleece is a terminology used today for a modern style of refined polyester. Fleece is very soft, versatile, and moms love them because they are resistant to water. You can find good quality fleece blankets for under $30.

Double Knit
Double Knit blankets are the softest material made from cotton today and is perfect for babies. Moms love Double Knit blankets because they are also durable and machine washable. Double Knit fabric requires a higher stitch count then regular knit fabric.

Flannel is a cloth made from wool, wool and cotton, or wool and synthetic fabric. Flannel is a warm fabric yet soft enough that moms would use for their babies. Therefore, Flannel is a popular choice for babies during the winter time or in colder year round environments. The term "Flannel" is often referred to the clothing made from the fabric.

Faux Fur
Faux Fur is a trendy new method of cotton lining that will not shed compared to traditional cotton. Do not be alarmed by the name, Faux Fur is 100% cotton by reputable baby retailers.

Traditional Natural Fabrics:

Cotton is one of the most popular natural textiles in the world and is commonly used for both boys and girls materials. Cotton has been used in the world for thousands of years. Cotton is a naturally soft fiber that grows around the seed of the cotton plant, which is grown in the Southern U.S., other subtropical and tropical areas in the world. Cotton is a popular material for baby blankets around the world. As discussed above, different new methods of weaving cotton has led to popular creations such as faux fur which are 100% cotton.

Wool have been used as far back as 3,000 B.C. and is made from the hairs of sheep. Although other animal hair are used for baby blankets, wool is by far the most popular. There breadth and diversity of wool is very apparent as there are over 40 breeds of sheep worldwide that produces approximately 200 types of wool. Wool is very flexible and can be used to produce other items such as fleece. The largest producers are Australia, New Zealand, the United States, China, Argentina and South Africa. Wool is very popular today for baby blankets, especially in the Northeast and the Central U.S. states.

Made from the fine threads produced by Silk moth larvae, silk was believed to be have discovered by a Chinese Princess. Silk is considered to have the smoothest texture and feel for baby blankets. Silk also is the most reflective of the different fabrics. The top two producers of silk today are China and Japan. Silk is extremely light weight and one of the best materials at retaining body termperature. Because of these qualities silk is a highly prized fabric in Asia for baby blankets. Up until recently only the most affluent class can afford such a fine baby blanket.

Flax is considered the oldest known textile used for blankets and clothing garments. Made out of natural fiber, Flax has been used since 5,000 B.C. It has been found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The major producers today are Russia, German, Belgium, France, Poland, and other Eastern European countries.

By Dan Hua

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