How to throw a Memorable Baby Shower

We have put together just the right guide to help you throw a fun and memorable baby shower for that special mommy-to-be. Simply follow the steps below and you are on your way to organizing a wonderful baby shower that will delight any new mom.

Create a Guest List
Creating a Guest List will help you get a head count and will help you with budgeting. You should first find out if the mom-to-be will also have other baby showers. This way you can coordinate with the planners of the other showers. Find out who else is attending the other baby showers so that you can properly plan your own guest list.

Be sure to double check that the addresses and phone numbers for all the guests on your list. Create columns for Name, Phone Number, Address, Invite Sent, RSVP received, and Comments. This will help you keep track of progress of which guests will attend.

Give a guest list to the mommy-to-be so she can review and make changes if necessary. At the end of the event you can give the filled out list to her so that she will have updated addresses to send thank you cards.

After creating a guest list, set a budget on how much you want to spend. Location and food and beverage are usually the biggest costs for a baby shower. Hosting the baby shower will save any rental costs and food costs but you will have to provide your own dishes, napkins, utensils and (off course) the food and beverage. Your budget should help determine the venue and location of the baby shower.

Choose a Theme
Themes are very important to a baby shower so it's important to have one in mind while planning.

Traditional Theme You can decorate the location with pink for a girl or blue for a boy (yellow for fraternal twins, triplets, etc.). Have everyone bring traditional gifts such as baby blankets, a handcrafted baby gift, baby clothing, or a silver baby keepsake. For more ideas, check out our top ten best selling baby gifts here.

Baby Gift Basket Theme A very popular theme is to ask every guest attending to bring a gift basket. The gift baskets should follow the theme of the baby shower. A few unique and creative baby gift baskets are rocking horse baby gift baskets, a classic radio flyer baby gift basket filled with baby essentials, or adorable gift baskets for twins.

Celebrity Theme You can pick a theme based on Hollywoond celebrities and have each person bring a gift that a celebrity has used for their babies. Hollywood celebrities baby gifts that have been purchased at BlissLiving include Ducky & Friends Baby Gift Basket, 100% Cashmere Baby Blanket, Personalized Wall Art, and our classic White Pique Moses Basket.

Cartoon Theme You can everyone pick their favorite cartoon and bring a gift related to that cartoon character. Have decorations with cartoons new and old. Also, have the cake related to that theme.

Celestial Theme You can decorate the location with stars, crescent moons and other celestial objects. You can create paper cut offs of stars for each guest and have them sign a wish or comments for the mommy-to-be.

Animal Theme You can everyone pick their favorite animal and bring a gift related to that cartoon character. Have snacks such as animal crackers, pigs in a blanket. You can hand out bags of animal cookies.

Couple Theme A modern trend is to have couple baby showers. This is an opportunity to have fun with both women and the guy friends. You can do a "how well do you know your baby food" game where each person tries to guess the flavors in each secret baby food jar.

Determine a Date
You should plan to host the baby shower four to eight weeks prior to the baby shower due. The best days to host the event are Saturday or Sunday. It is usually better and cheaper to host the event during the morning or afternoon on Saturday or Sunday. The evening for Friday and Saturday night will be the most expensive and most sought after times. Be sure to pick two to three dates and then contact the important guests to check their availability.
BlissLiving Tip: Saturday and Sunday morning or afternoon are the best times and cheaper than Friday and Saturday nights. Keep in mind that some of your guests may be from out of town so give them ample lead time.

If you have a small group, you can host the event at your own home or someone else's home. This will reduce the costs significantly and give the event a more intimate setting. Experience has shown that the mommy-to-be and at least a few of the guests are more comfortable at your home or one of the guest's home you are hosting the event at since they have usually visited before. If you have a large guest list you may have the event at a restaurant. If so you may want to find a co-host. The Co-host can help seek and obtain the restaurant or just contribute money.

Baby Shower Invitation
Your baby shower invitations should match your theme and have all the basic information necessary for a guest to attend the event: location, date, time, your contact information. Plan to send out the invitations 8 weeks prior to the event. Sending too soon will cause many guests to forget and sending too late may cause of lot of guests to miss the event if they had planned other events. Call the guests who haven't sent their RSVP 6 weeks prior to the event to confirm if they will attend.

The Menu
You can be flexible here depending on your location and your budget. You can serve appetizers or a full meal although most hosts serve appetizers. It works better that way as to leave more time for the gift giving and games. If you host the baby shower at a restaurant try to visit it before hand to get yourself familiar and to speak with your restaurant liaison. If you host the baby shower at a home, you can make your own food, buy food, cater or a combination. If you plan to cater ask the caterer to send/fax you a menu. Remember you want to not over-do the food you leave room for the cake. Ideally finger foods such as bacon wrapped asparagus, stuffed mushrooms work best. They are convenient and won't over-stuff your guests

Now for the decorations, you're almost there! Try to buy the decorations a week in advance. Nowadays there party boutique stores that will carry all the materials and items you can imagine. More and more hosts are going online to purchase their favors. Regardless of your theme, you want balloons, streamers, paper cutouts, and others to set the mood.

Games and Prizes
There are many games and prizes you can play. Please visit our Baby Shower Games page for great idea.

Baby Shower Favors for Guests The baby shower party favors are a great touch to commemorate a successful event. Below are some suggestions but any baby related products that are small and easy to carry home works best:

  • Personalized candle tins
  • Candy bar with personalized wrapper
  • Jelly Belly It's a boy/girl candy
  • Fillable Baby Bottle
  • Mini pacifier sweet tarts
  • Baby feet Lollipops
  • Hearts votive candle

You've Made It!
Congratulations on a job well done!

Don't forget to visit for a fabulous selection of unique and stylish baby gifts for your baby shower celebration.

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