Baby Gifts - Tips on Selecting the Perfect Baby Gift

Make an Early Impression With a Cool Baby Gift

Did you have a “cool” aunt or uncle growing up? Did you have a godparent who always remembered your birthday or took you out on fun adventures occasionally? Get a head start on being the cool person in the new baby’s life by shopping for a unique baby gift.

Look for baby shower gifts that will continue to be useful to the new baby as he or she grows to be a toddler. Keepsake toys like building blocks or lavish play tents serve as décor during the baby months but quickly grow to become favorites when baby begins to play.

Personalized and unique baby gifts, such as monogrammed blankets or personalized wall art, will be treasured for years to come. For a unique take, look for bright, bold colors and designs. When you stray from baby blue and pale pink, the new parents will thank you for finding a unique addition to their nursery gear.

Invest in Fun for the New Baby

Many times, new parents are wrapped up in finding all the necessities for a new baby. Surprise them with a thoughtful, fun gift they may not have thought of or budgeted for. Keepsakes are great, but parents may get more use out of baby gifts that entertains the baby.

When it comes to play mats, bouncers and other baby gear, it’s hard to find items that look great in a living room. Look for a play mat that’s designed to look like a piece of functional art. Right now, modern design is very popular. Surprise the new parents at their baby shower with a beautiful play mat that will delight them and entertain their baby for hours.

Here’s a play mat tip; splash-pad play mats make great baby shower gifts. Babies love water, but oftentimes it’s inconvenient to set up a baby pool or tub. A splash mat allows baby to enjoy water without making a mess.

Help Them Show Off the New Baby's Name

New parents love showing off the new baby’s name. After all, it probably took them months to decide on the name they love. After all that hard work, they’ve earned the right to brag.

Help them out by shopping for personalized baby gifts for their baby shower or after the new baby’s arrival. If the parents haven’t settled on a name yet, hold off on personalized gifts until it’s time to present the couple with a new baby gift.

Here are some personalized baby gift ideas:

  • Are the new parents casual? Shop for a personalized onesie embroidered with the new baby’s name.
  • For artsy parents, have a beautiful piece of nursery art personalized.
  • Do the new parents have a china cabinet? Try a personalized plate.
  • Are the new parents very traditional? Have a keepsake blanket monogrammed.
  • Is the new dad a big golfer? Have baby’s first golf club engraved.
  • Looking for a practical gift? Shop for a personalized growth chart so the parents can track their little one’s milestones.

Baby Gifts for the New Bundle of Joy

Is anything sweeter than a newborn baby? Newborn baby gifts run a close second. When else can you shop for adorable, delicate items that celebrate the arrival of a brand new baby?

When shopping for new baby gifts, don’t worry about necessities like diapers or baby shampoo. This is the perfect time to indulge in a keepsake or traditional gift that commemorates a very special occasion.

Choose a gift that holds a special meaning to you and the parents. For example, if they’re into photography, shop for a beautiful frame to display the first pictures of their little one. If the new mom loves jewelry, get her a personalized name necklace to celebrate her baby’s birth.

If you’d like to help out in a more practical way, visit the new parents with your gift and offer to lend a hand with a meal or some laundry. They’ll appreciate the short break, and your gift will leave a lasting impression.

Celebrate the New Baby Girl

Everyone knows that little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. But how do you celebrate the birth of a new baby girl? Indulge in traditions like bows, lace and the color pink.

Baby girl gifts are oftentimes delicate and frilly. Even if you’re a tomboy at heart, it’s hard to deny the appeal of sweet little dresses and tiny patent leather slippers.

Here are some baby gift ideas for a new baby girl:

  • In lieu of fresh flowers, look for onesies and wash cloths wrapped to look like flowers.
  • Make her a princess with a fairy tale theme. Try a pink growth chart or wall art.
  • Go modern with stripes or polka dots. The color brown matches pink very nicely.
  • Have a pink baby blanket personalized with her first initial.
  • Celebrate her sweetness with a baby gift basket crafted to resemble ice cream or cupcakes.

Need Inspiration? Try a Gift Basket

If your inner domestic goddess has been on vacation lately, don’t fret. You can still impress the expecting mom with a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Baby gift baskets do all the planning and work for you. Simply find a theme that you love and place your order. Gift baskets include a bundle of great gifts, and they’re wrapped in adorable and impressive ways.

New baby gift baskets are usually centered around themes like flowers, food or sports. The theme you shop for may depend on whether or not you’re shopping for a new baby boy or new baby girl. Baby shower gift baskets can multi-task as centerpieces and decorations, so be sure to let the hostess know what you’re getting the new mom.

For a unique baby gift, try a bouquet created out of baby clothing items. The new mom will be delighted, and she’ll get good use out of the necessities included in the bundle.

Babywearing: A healthy trend.

What do Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts have in common? Besides being beautiful, they’ve all been spotted wearing their infants. Wearing a baby, how does that work?

For hundreds of years, women in many cultures have worn their babies against their bodies. For many, this was the only option. After all, strollers are a relatively modern convenience.

Over the past decade, babywearing has become popular again as modern moms have discovered the many benefits. Babies who are carried in baby carriers are calmer and sleep better. The sensation of being close to mom has benefits for the baby, and also has emotional benefits for the mom.

When looking for a touching baby shower gift, considering shopping for a baby carrier. Baby carriers make great baby gifts because they introduce new parents to a healthy lifestyle. There’s no better way to adopt the habits of your favorite celebrity mothers.

Christening Gift Suggestions

One of a new baby’s most touching, precious milestones is his or her christening. It’s traditional for guests and family members to honor this special event with christening gifts. Here are some tips and suggestions for shopping for a christening gift for the new baby:

  • Christening gifts or baby baptism gifts are traditionally white. It’s okay to shop for pastel gifts, but avoid bold and bright colors.
  • Shop for a special keepsake. Have a frame personalized with the date of the christening or shop for a special certificate plaque for baby’s wall.
  • Baby christening gifts don’t necessarily have to be for the baby. Try a piece of personalized jewelry for mom to wear.
  • If you have a christening blanket embroidered, be sure to give it to the parents before the ceremony.
  • A white “cake” crafted out of baby clothing, diapers, and toys can double as a centerpiece during the christening reception.

Shopping Tips for a New Baby Boy

Throughout the ages, parents have celebrated the birth of a son. Whether it’s the first son or the fourth son, the occasion should be honored with a baby boy gift. Shopping for newborn baby gifts should be fun, not stressful. Use these helpful tips to find the perfect baby boy gifts for a new baby or baby shower:

  • Basics don’t have to be boring. A lavish baby gift basket is a unique way to give the new parents some of the baby basics they need.
  • Keepsakes can be functional. Moses Baskets are incredibly useful for parents of newborns. But they can also be handed down from generation to generation.
  • Look for boyish, playful art. Animals, circus scenes and letters make great wall art for baby boys.
  • Have the gift personalized. Shop for a personalized baby blanket or a personalized onesie with his name on it.
  • When giving a book, add a special note for the child. He’ll appreciate it when he’s older.
  • Shop for a baby book with a masculine but neutral theme.

Blanket the New Baby in Love

Parents use baby blankets for everything from keeping baby warm to covering up while nursing. They’re used to decorate nurseries, to shade baby from the sun on a walk, and to give baby a soft place to play on the floor.

Because of their versatility, baby blankets make great baby gifts. Babies can never have too many blankets.

When shopping for a baby blanket, think about the parents of the new baby. If they’re into modern design, look for a blanket with a cool print or bold colors. If they’re traditional, look for pastel colors and a soft fabric.

A personalized baby blanket makes a wonderful baby shower gift. Try having a blanket embroidered with a big initial or the baby's name.

Even in warm weather climates, blankets can be useful. If baby is born in winter, look for a warm cashmere or fuzzy fleece. If baby is born in the summer, shop for a soft organic cotton or muslin blanket.

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