Art For Kids - Tips on Selecting the Perfect Kids Wall Art

Make a Quick Change with Kids Wall Decals

Not everyone is artistically inclined. If you don’t have the skills to paint kids murals, don’t despair. You can create kids wall art in your child’s bedroom or nursery with easy peel-and-stick wall decals.

Here are some wall decal suggestions:

  • Accent the wall beside the crib with a large nature-inspired decal mural. Be sure to place the decals over a neutral, pale shade of paint.
  • For a modern art look, use decals with oversized multi-colored numbers. Numbers are great for preschool-aged children and are perfect for siblings who share a bedroom.
  • For older kids or toddlers who are learning to draw, try chalkboard decals. Line up several for a decorative look, or use just one to help your older child organize homework assignments.
  • Create an accent wall or jazz up a closet door with faux wood paneling decals. These make it easy to make a dramatic change in appearance without dramatic remodeling.

One of the practical benefits of these wall decals is that they can be applied and peeled off with no damage to either the wall or paint. Also, they can be applied and reapplied again and again, with ease. This provides a great “re-play” factor for children turned decorators.

Foster Your Child's Love of Art

Are you a fan of fine art? Do you frequent gallery openings and events? Share your love of art with your child by decorating the nursery with fine art designed specifically for children.

Kids wall decor should align to your personal sense of style. Our art focuses on the subjects that kids love. Numbers, letters and animals are depicted in ways that won’t offend your sensibilities. Exotic locations and fanciful scenes draw inspiration from fairytales and world travel. Dozens of artists from around the world have collaborated to bring you a collection fit for any walls.

Don’t decorate your child’s room with art you don’t like. Help your child learn the values of true fine art by hanging beautiful paintings for them to admire and draw inspiration from. Artists like Aaron Christensen and Jill McDonald are world-renowned for designing kids art to inspire children and adults alike. Decorate your child's nursery with Oopsy Daisy or present a new parent with an heirloom-quality art piece to admire for generations.

Inspire Little Imaginations

Children have an amazing capacity for make believe. Help inspire your child’s imagination with wall art. Art appreciation has been tied to better performance in school. Along with creating a beautiful atmosphere, you’re giving your child a head start toward success.

Fanciful, beautiful wall art can be the cornerstone to games and your child’s early writing and storytelling skills. When you’ve picked the pieces to display, encourage your child to share his or her thoughts on the art and the artists. Oopsy Daisy wall art is particularly renowned for intricate, detailed scenes.

Does your child love fairies? Look for a painting with a beautiful forest scene. Does your child aspire to be a pilot? Decorate the nursery wall with a painting of an antique plane.

Because art for kids rooms serves so many purposes, shop thoughtfully. Look for paintings on stretched canvas or beautiful growth charts. Choose art as a family after visiting a local museum to learn about different styles of illustration and painting.

Enhance Your Child's Bedroom With Wall Art

You don’t have to be an interior designer to put together a gorgeous bedroom for your child. Focus on the colors and themes you like, and slowly build up from a neutral base. Great accent pieces can make or break the overall look of a small room.

Kids wall decor should enhance the overall look you’re aiming for. Your theme can be as simple as the color pink or as elaborate as a seafaring theme. Pick something that strikes your fancy—don’t worry about whether or not your child will develop any particular hobbies. For now, it’s all about what you love.

Framed art, kids wall murals and personalized name plaques all make great centerpieces in a child’s bedroom. Even framed art can be personalized. Consider having your child’s name or first initial incorporated into a number painting. The keepsake art piece will serve as an educational tool and a way to bring color and playfulness to the nursery.

Create an Elaborate Nursery

As you prepare to welcome the new baby into your home, you’ll spend a great deal of time shopping for and researching all the latest baby gear. Take some time away from practicality to choose some special pieces of nursery wall decor. While your baby will not immediately appreciate the efforts, your loving decorating job will help create a sense of comfort for you and the baby.

Look for personalized wall art, such as name plaques or wooden letters. By decorating with your child’s name, you’re giving your child a sanctuary. You’re giving your child the message that this is his or her room.

Remember, the nursery atmosphere you create should make you happy. Look for kid’s wall decor that helps you relax. Find a painting that inspires stories and nursery rhymes. Create a mural with serene nature scenes. During your baby’s first few months, you’ll spend a lot of time in the nursery. Make it a place you find relaxing for those early mornings and quiet nights to come.

Art for Snug Little Bugs

Are you looking for classic, subtle wall art for kids? Look for kids room decor that reflects a simpler time, with tried and true nursery themes like flowers, animals and bugs. Kristen Sloop of Kootie Bug Designs creates personalized childrens wall art. Her museum-quality stretched canvases are perfect for kid’s rooms, since they don’t need glass or heavy frames to hang.

Animals and bugs are featured frequently on decorations for kids. Both inspire an appreciation and love for nature. If you have siblings sharing a room, or you’re looking for a gender-neutral art piece, look for depictions of animals like those found in the Kootie Bug collection.

If you’re shopping for a holiday or baby shower, Kootie Bug personalized wall art makes a perfect present. New parents can always use a helping hand when it comes to decorating the nursery. Try to get a sneak peek at the color schemes they’re leaning towards so you can ensure that the wall art you buy matches.

Tips for Decorating with Kids Wall Art

Are you unsure how to incorporate fine art and kids decor into your child’s nursery or bedroom? Try these simple tips.

  • When decorating with personalized kids wall art, make the art the centerpiece of the bedroom or nursery.
  • Choose one or two colors from your accent piece to incorporate into other areas of the bedroom, such as the comforter, window dressing, crib sheets or changing table cover.
  • Try art that serves a purpose, such as a personalized frame or a growth chart to track your children’s height through the years.
  • Look for paintings and prints on stretched canvas. They don’t require glass or heavy frames.
  • Share your child’s birthday and other important birth information on a beautiful birth certificate tile.
  • Create your own wall art for kids by hanging painted letters that spell out your child’s name.
  • Stick to classic themes like letters, numbers and animals.

Art for Kids: Spotlight on Jill McDonald

Whether you’re decorating your first nursery or shopping for a baby shower present, wall art makes a touching gift. When shopping for wall art, understand that the best pieces feature designs by well-known artists.

Jill McDonald canvas wall art is renowned as intricate work that inspires little imaginations. Her collection features designs that are appropriate for boys, girls and babies.
While birds are featured prominently in several of her pieces, Jill also creates whimsical landscapes and fantasy scenes. For a girl, look for depictions of mermaids. For a little Olympian to be, try her gymnastics painting. For a boy or girl interested in science and the planets, try a beautiful artistic rendering of our solar system.

Jill’s professional credentials are impressive. After graduating from the prestigious Rhone Island School of Design, Jill designed prints for Baby Gap and Hallmark, including greeting card collections for Target and Walmart. Now on her own, Jill McDonald’s creative take on colors will add a beautiful gallery look to any nursery.

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