Amy Michelle Diaper Bags Review

Amy Michelle Diaper Bags has lately generated enormous popularity with Hollywood Moms. The fashionable and functional baby bags stemmed from a desire for the founding partners, Amy and Michelle, to have a fashionable sack to hold baby’s and Mother’s belongings that, at professional activities, would not empty out all over your lap: diapers, sippy cups, pens, wipes… as I am sure you have experienced with frustration. Many celebrity mothers such as Julia Roberts and Christina Aguilera have the same concerns and that is why many of them have turned to Amy Michelle Diaper Bags as the baby bag of choice. Born in 2003, this precocious firm has evolved by leaps and bounds, attracting the notice of Hollywood Moms with similar frustrations – how to be professional and gorgeous while frantically searching for your pen, cell, wallet, note book… and not spill diaper rash cream, baby bottles, wipes, and dirty diapers in a frantic search for your pen, your cell, your wallet, makeup, PDA… and maintain a calm exterior?  

Amy Michelle Diaper Bags: Tulip

The Tulip messenger design of baby bags has two colors; Chocolate, with pale blue icing, and Pink, with Champagne accents. Both are sophisticated and very crisp. The front flap covers the zippered diaper change compartment and lifts for ease of getting inside. The Tulip is a piece of engineering brilliance because the thick, movable, messenger strap transforms into a convenient back pack or straps to the stroller. 

Amy Michelle Diaper Bags: Gladiola

The Gladiola Baby Bags are a fantastic answer to the years old dilemma; how to be a mother of 6, chic, and maintain a high profile career. The Gladiola is designed in ultra shiny patent leather in red and black to make it long lasting, high quality, and easy to clean. Because these bags are engineered by mom for mom, these baby bags solve the need for all mothers, business Moms, and baby essentials to be organized in a sensible way that streamline her baggage to a single shoulder bag and look gorgeous.

Amy Michelle Baby Bags are sufficiently roomy for Mother’s pocket book, cell, lap top, or other Mommy things while operating as an entire changing pit stop including a washable change mat, removable waste container, specific diaper and wipe compartments, cell phone holder, and pacifier and key ring keepers. The external and internal bottle compartments allow Mom fast access to baby’s bottle with no need to hunt. The stroller straps are a favorite adaption of all the bags that we have reviewed. We truly appreciate designers taking serious condition of the health and wellbeing of mother.

Amy Michelle Diaper Bags: Azalea

These chic baby bags are winners with our Hollywood Moms. Choose from Black, Chocolate, and Olive for stunningly elegant look, they will travel every place that Mom does. Where Mom traipses, baby must follow, with bottles, diapers, and pacifiers to be packed. The Azaleas feature the same organized components as the Gladiola plus have adjustable straps that attach to the stroller and change into a back pack. The Olive style is very beautiful with a rose-hued lining patterned with the designer’s original trademarked pattern. We have one caution for this delicious bag, if you needed to play Mommy in disguise, put baby’s bottles in the inside storage compartments.

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