10 Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What are the chances that half a dozen of your friends had the same brilliant stroke of genius and purchased the same creative baby shower gifts for the very same baby shower? Using a baby registry does not guarantee that duplicates won’t happen. Avoid returns by using your imagination and choose creative baby shower gift ideas.  Finding unique baby gifts might take a bit more time than ordering online from the registry, but the payoff is usually well worth it.  The following are 10 ideas for creative baby shower gifts that will keep those dreadfully embarrassing repeats from happening again!

  1. Imagine It.  Think outside the box -- the big box that is.  Local craft fairs or area craft co-ops are treasure troves of one of a kind creative baby shower gift ideas.  Line burp cloths with ribbon and add a touch of embroidery with baby's name or the family last name lovingly stitched for a personal touch that shows time and thought.  If you are creative in the domestic arts, knit baby a unique baby gifts of tiny hats or booties, crochet a baby blanket, or for a lot of fun, create a diaper cake from infant diapers and decorate it with wrist rattles, teething rings, baby spoons and such. 

  2. Designer Diaper Bags.  You will not want baby and mom and dad to step out in public with anything less than one of beautiful designs for moms and practical non-flowery options for dads.  Here is when your creative baby shower gifts can make certain that style codes are maintained, even if they are parents now. Celebrities and the next door neighbor alike are conscious of how they look but don’t want to sacrifice look for functionality. Choose from Storksak, OiOi, or Reese Li for unique baby gift bags that have everything from fold out diaper-changing stations, to bottle warmers and milk storage coolers.

  3. Personalize it.  Personalization provide truly unique baby gifts since personalized baby gifts are one of a kind. Monograms are elegant for mom and for truly creative baby shower gifts, personalize mom and baby jewelry with a special message.  It can even be silly or remind the person of a moment shared.  Baby jewelry allows for messages on the face and the reverse. Add happy giggles to counter the many outfit changes with baby clothing embroidered with light-hearted instructions to help liven the sleep-deprived days and nights. Creative baby shower gifts are the ones that speak from your heart.

  4. Sports fanaticism. Yes. Unique baby gifts include personalized uniforms and accessories from your favorite ball team, soccer, basket ball, football… If you enjoy it, let the world know with creative baby shower gifts that reflect the many Sunday night football games that you played on your couch together.

  5. Sillify it.  Function can dictate humor.  The name of Boudreaux's Butt Paste will elicit peals of laughter for such creative baby shower baby gifts while soothing baby’s tender bum.  Facemasks to protect from all those stinky diapers, or baby teepees available for little boy diaper changes are entirely unique baby gifts that will make light of heavy diapers.

  6. Gourmet it.  Delicious food that mom does not have to prepare is a sure-win with Mom. Looking after mom provides many creative baby gift ideas. Recipes for favorite dishes that can be frozen ahead of time are very useful for the mom-to-be.  Gift certificates to meal prep places are also a good idea, especially if one isn't very crafty in the kitchen.

  7. Spa it. Ahhhh, a day at the spa for mom and the baby, in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Baskets of soothing bath oils and fragranced creams can help mommy feel like a beautiful and relaxed woman again. The creative baby shower gifts that take care of the physical well being of both mom and baby are caring and welcome.

  8. Style it.  If you can’t resist buying baby clothes, try a unique baby gift for a few months down the road.  Thinking in terms of season and potential size might be a little challenging, but the payoff comes when those happy parents have something to put the baby in once it outgrows the adorable tiny newborn sets that everyone else buys. 

  9. Photograph it.  A little bit of research can have great results when considering photo sessions for creative baby shower gifts.  Chain stores offer lots of deals, but local photographers may offer a variety of unique baby gift options for a family photo or individual shots of the tiny new arrival.  Ask for packages that include pregnancy photos and later sittings with the newborn. Then, choose the perfect frame or album that is handmade and painted for a truly memorable gift.

  10. Love it. What did you love as a baby and remember growing up with? Creative baby shower gifts that include your favorites are going to be unique to baby and parents. Soft hoody blankets with bunny ears and cotton tails, favorite nursery rhymes and beautiful music are all unique baby gifts that the entire family will enjoy.


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